295# Weekends

295# Weekends

I would like to thank Jin and his family for this wonderful weekends.

I woke up before 7am because i had to pick up 2 of my friends at different locations and must reach at Jin's place sharp at 10am.

Regardless the fact that i only slept for 3 hours the night before that, the excitements that i was going to have really woke me up from sleeping on the steering wheels.

Durian, durian and more durians.

At 10am sharp we reached at Jin's place which situated at Kajang. That was the second time i went to his house. His parents can remember me well not only because i had been there, i am a copy of Jin himself as well. Because we looked alike. Lol.

After chilling for an hour, we transformed and rolled out.

My car was necessary this time because we were going to an orchard situated some where near Seremban or Senawang. I've been drove my car off track before for few times. But this time was a heavier ones.

It was really deep. For few moments i didn't know where i was. But it doesn't matter anyway since i was not the one doing the driving, but Jin instead who knows the way.

Through out the whole journey, these bunch of jokers and me were sharing jokes in the car. I enjoyed the jokes but i dislike the facial exercise...

The place is really beautiful. I rarely get myself into a place where i'm surrounded by greens. This is totally different from a place where you have klings doing open buring 24/7.

Fresh air and fresh water.

And we actually drove through the small river.

Once i reached the place, i was kind of surprised to see a mini resort in front of me. It was like, wow, in a deep jungle we have a resort in there.

It's built by Jin's uncle there since few years ago. He managed to bought until 100 acres of the whole land and have his own orchard. Just a place for him to relax when he is retired...

I like that, we had unlimited supply of durians there, plus other fruits.

We had a lot of durians after our lunch. Actually i had a miscalculation. I took too much of lunch for myself and forgot that there were lots of durian waited for me to eat with. In the end i only managed to stuff in a few of them. I'm sorry, durians.

The swimming pool over there is supplied by the natural rain forest water form the hill. In the other words, it's free water. Very cold in refreshing.

We attempted to go up to the water fall but we didn't make it. The way travelling up there could be the hardest time i ever had in my life. Walking on slippery rocks against the stream. I fell a few times and got hurt a little but. We turned back when it started to rain because that was really dangerous.

Once cleaned up, we rolled to the orchard for durian hunt. My car had never looked so cool. Going off track and have mud all over my car really showing what it is met to be. We can't expect a Ploton satlia to do this, lol.

Sadly the big durians were already picked up by people who went there before we did. Those were what we ate after our lunch. We just managed to get a few of them, which are smaller in size. Not only durians, there were still a few fruits there, which i don't know the names.

I remember there were langsat, apple mango, banana, papaya, and rambutan's relative (i don't know the name...).

That was the first time i eat fruits which plcuked from the tree straight. After eaten can just throw the skin and seeds to anywhere we like, fun.

We went back to Kajang for dinner. What's for dinner at night other than Satay? 4 of us ate only 50 sticks, which is kind of little than i expected. Maybe because of the ketupat...

The satay there would be the tastiest one i have ever eaten. It's not very burnt like what we have here which prepared by bunch of noobs. The meat versus fat proportion is just nice. Unlike what we have here, again, which is 50% fat, 30% meat plus 20% carbon.

To cut it short, kajang satay is a must try.

Went to Sungai Wang for the next day.

And that's it, a very contented and tiring weekends. Not only we ate durian there, we took home a big basket of durian too.

Again, thanks for Jin and his family for bringing us around, and uncle Philips for his wonderful orchard and fruits.

PS: Must go to the water fall again, really tak puas that i didn't get up there.

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