296# Shutter

296# Shutter

Finally i've got a new digital camera.

The first digital camera that i got was early of year 2003. For that moment 5.0 Mega pixel was the highest. More over that was an Olympus, plus the additional xD memory card and what-so-ever, the camera costed more than RM3,000.

That's really insane. RM3000 for a digital camera? Now i think back, it was really awful.

Digital camera nowadays are so cheap until i could buy 6 identical cameras with that RM3000.

Now i've got this new digital camera from Samsung, and guess what, it's only RM499.

6.0 Mega pixels, sound video recorder, 1.Gb SD memory card, casing, mini tripod. And it's only RM499.

Even Olympus's RM599's model also can't fight with that, because that fella's video recorder can't record sound! Noob cake!

This photo was taken with my W810i with 640x480 pixels setting.

Take a look at the photo above. Photos that i upload here are usually taken with my handphone therefore the quality is really bad. It's just convenient anyway.

By the way, spot any differences from the 2 boxes above?

At the left is Revoltech #26 mass production model, wing version. While the right hand side's one is the identical model, but it's a limited weapon version.

(Term mass production refers to the evangelion model being mass produced in the story, not refering to the factory mass producing this model ok...)

The wing one costed me RM78, while the limited one costed me RM120, being a limited...

What to do? Local sellers are so immoral that they bring up the price up to 10 times than in japan. And collectors here have to buy these models with prices which are not reasonable at all.

Saw the crystal clear version, 3 in 1 box, selling RM600... wtf man. Leeching collector's money like nobody's business...

Photo taken with the samsung camera with its full capacity 6.0 MP.

Back to the camera again, i did a test shot with the camera just now.

Very user friendly, all the important functions are there. Running on 2 AA batteries so there's no charger or rechargable battery problems that i faced with the previous Olympus.

But it consume battery rather fast. I just took a few shots and the display gave me a "Low Battery" warning sign.

Wtf? Guess i need to rush to Tesco by tonight to get a box of Energizer's rechargable AA batteries plus the charger. For sure it's cheaper than buying a camera with rechargable battery. That is so inconvenient and expensive while the AA battery operated ones is better in the case of availability of the batteries.

When the camera got out of juice during travelling, even the back ups are already dried, can still go to any convenient store to get some AA batteries for the camera. That's the reason why i prefer AA batteries operated ones.

Limited weapon version comes with damaged head part and broken arms parts.

Test shot. Without flash.

It's very bright with flash because this model is white in color and it basically reflect all flash light back. If the flash is turned off, macro mode has to be turned on so that it can be focused nicely.

When the macro mode is on, the anti hand shake function is turned on as well. Very user friendly.

Limited version comes with a head with jaw opened berserk mode head.

From what i can see so far, the camera has only one Manual mode. And of course modes like video, scene, night, portrait, auto, programme and as well as the ASR, plus the manual mode mentioned.

Unlike the previous Olympus i had, that camera comes with a lot of preset modes as well as few slots for custom settings. I only customised 2 settings and i didn't really make good use of the full function of that camera.

Too pro for myself, i'd say. And this samsung ones is already more than enough for me. Because my name is not Simon from canon. But my dad ordered one of those SLR camerawhich used by Simon...

Limited version comes with a Lance of Longinus. Held by the normal wing version model.

Damn, it's so hard to write reviews for 2 items at the same time. The camera and the limited weapon version of the mass production evangelion model.

But models usually can't part away with cameras. Because once you have a model, you will not leave it just like that. For sure you will grab a camera and capture all the poses you've made with the model.

Limited version comes with a big lance which's used by the Eva-02 as well.

Some of the collectors do not stop there. They even bring their models to the pool, hill's cliff, outside the building, under the tree, on the field... to camwhore with.

That's really above my level. But i do interested in making comic with the models. Very creative yet interesting.

But i don't have the computing skill yet the skill to make a script.

Finally i've bought a can of semi gloss top coat together with the mass production model that day. It's really necessary to protect my gunpla from invasion of sunlight, dusk and oxygen.

Have to practice to apply decals and then the technique to spray the top coat.

Anyway, i need to delay it because the weather isn't hot enough nowdays. Spraying job needed to be done with hot weather. And besides, i'm too busy recently.

And i have no idea what am i busy for.

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