#289 Finalize

#289 Finalize

Finally i can log in into blogger without making my firefox browser shutting down.

It's the third day now since the exam is over. I'm not feeling any better than what i expected to be. To have so many plans you had before the exam, and now all the plans are gone.

I'm just not going to touch any medically related objects for these few days, at least these few days.

To be really honest, my main fear now is failing the exam.

I did quite well for the SAQ (Short Answer Questions), better than i expected. It was a nice start. It weights 50% for the whole final exam while 35% for the everything. I hope that it could back me up.

OSPE (Objective Structured Practical Examination) was the start of the nightmares. Before the paper i already knew that i was not going to do fine for the paper, and it does happened.

First day of OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) was quite alright. Although i didn't perform well for 2 clinical examination stations but the damage wouldn't be high i guess.

The second day was the worst day in my life. It was the day where my exam ends, where my relieve suppose to strike in. But it was the saddest day where i guess that i might fail the exam.

Let me tell you something - This world is made for the right handed only and the rest is going to obey all the shits they created.

Rule number one for a doctor is, always stand at the patient's right. (of course i'm following it) Reason? Easier to examine the patient with the doctor's right hand.

I'm a left handed, and a very predominant ones.

First day of OSCE, for GI (Gastrointestinal) Station i got everyone's favourite doctor, Dr. H. Once i knew i got him i knew that that would be the worst station i'd ever had.

I did light palpation using my left hand. When i did until the 5th part, he stopped me.

Dr. H: Why are you using your left hand?
Me: I'm a left handed, doctor.
Dr. H: No, use your right hand.
Me: Ok...

(Repeat light palpation using my Right hand as instructed, 25 seconds gone)

Second day of OSCE, for CVS (Cardiovascular System) station i got Dr. F. He is nice. But mistakes done will be rectified by him in a way that you will be pressured and lost your rhythm.

I experienced that on that day since the first second of my station.

I passed my sticker written my ID number to him with my left hand. He started at me for 3 seconds with a very fierce look.

Dr.F : Are you asian?
Me: Ya...?
Dr. F: I ask you, are you asian?
Me: Yes i am.
Dr. F: Why are you passing me the sticker with your left hand?
Me: I'm a left handed, doctor.


Dr. F: That saves you.

In the end i screwed up that station because i rhythm was gone. I kept on being scolded through out that 5 minutes because i don't know what he wanted from me. And all the scolding wasted quite a lot of time and in the end i didn't get to asnwer the question which needed to be asked.

I don't know what about the rest, but i know that i won't be doing well for this station.

I have enough. Is it a price to pay as being a left handed? Why always the left handed got the prejudice? A left handed person can't be a doctor?

I'm done.

And thanks for the girls who got their handphone in their bags during the quarantine, the whole batch might have to re sit the OSCE.

Really thanks for that, for making the whole batch 190 people to suffer with them due to their "blurness". People can't go back to their hometown to gather with their family. People wasted thier flight tickets. People have to fly back to bukit jalil for the exam. People wasting their money to buy flight tickets to get back...

Thanks a lot for that.

I don't care whether is there a re sit. If yes, i'm just going to do it. If no, then it's still ok.

There's nothing in my mind now. I just want to pass.

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