294# Room

294# Room

Pardon me for my frequent model-related posts.

I can't do anything. Nowadays i'm in holiday. And my days are either spent by wasting my time out there or sitting at home to fix all these.

After we got our result i bought 1 Master grade. And once exam was over i bought 2 SD and 1 revoltech.

Basically, a holiday fulled with models.

After i finished the MG Hi Nu, i spent one day for the SD Verge Buster, shown at the right of picture below.

And then, i spent another 2 days for the SD Blu Duel, shown at the left.

Now my SD for stargazer line is basically updated.

You may think that these are kind of childish. But i warn you, it's not easy as you think.

In fact, SD needs more painting skill than any grades else. SD is basically very incomplete where it requires a lot of custom painting. Usually i need not to spend time for painting MGs but i do need to paint the SDs since not all parts are moulded in their respective colors.

Done panel lining the MG Strike Freedom. Was too afraid to do so since it is the most expensive model i have ever bought (one month of my allowance, sad). I spent the whole day to panel line it on tuesday and it turns out to be more solid and compact.

Before i started to panel line my MG Strike Noir, i didn't notice that panel lining is so important. So since that onwards i line, and marker during the snap build, which will save more time and more convenient.

Now i moved the MG Strike Noir and Strike I.W.S.P. to the shelf on my floor from the table. Really need more space now. The curtain is really on the way. When it moves, it touches my fragile models and that is really disturbing.

But i have no choice...

Really need to go IKEA to get 2 glasss shelves to accomodate all these. Firstly i could prevent them from dust. Secondly wind from the fan. And thirdly direct sunlight. Without top coat it's really vulnerable...

Very necessary. But my room has no space to put the glass shelves! Got to wait until i move to the new house.

If that really happens during end of this year...

I suspect that Kaiyodo that design Revoltech action figures has a few chinese in them. The methods that they use to suck money from collectors is really pissin' off.

Normal version, limited weapons version, limited color and design version, special color version, extra weapons set, transparent version, new movie version, glow in the dark limited version...

Damn it!

4 revoltechs so far...

A limited version is still selling at 1,995 yen at japan regardless it is a limited. At Hong Kong it goes up to HK$120 from the normal HK$80. At msia it goes up to RM130 from normal RM80...

See that? Considering that 1,995 yen is about RM67 while HK$120 is about RM60...

And take note that living standard in japan and HK is 2 to 3 times higher than us.

But still, we msians buying those at RM130 regardless the fact that our living standard is damn low! In other words, we are buying those figures at the price of 4 to 6 times higher than them over there...

Screw the currency change man! Low class MC country!

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