290# Refinalize

290# Refinalize

It's over.

Friday the 13rd, sounds very unlucky. It was the day we went to uni to pick up our final's results.

My car was sent to repair the air conditioner, so i forced to take my elder's sister car. I went to the petrol station, regardless how small the car's oil tank is as compared to my car's one, i pumped it for RM65.

Freakin' chinese. I pumped for RM65, because 65% and above is a pass for my exam. So i did that merely just some funny superstitious thought.

Sharp at 5pm, the clerks reached with stacks of results outside the hall. I was the third in the queue, but i didn't open the letter to see my result straight. Had to wait for my friends to open together.

My elder sister called, before i open the letter.

Sis: Eh result how liao?
Me: Haven't open leh, opening now.
Sis: 55 la.
Me: Eh, i pass oh.

End of Semester 3 result, PBL evaluation, CPR certificate...

And that's it, i've passed!

That ends my misery and my holiday has officially started.

But anyway, this is just a beginning rather than an end. What we have done so far is just 25% of the whole course, 10% to be a registered doctor, and 1% only to be a registered specialist.

Nonetheless, 0% to be a good doctor.

Insignificant, but it's a very important start.

B (65 - 69.90%) PASS.

Alright i'm going to start my speech here.

First of all i'd like to thank my parents. Gahmen makes chinese impossible to enter local medical uni while my parents make it possible by working hard to spam money in order to send me to the private. A thousand thank you to my parents for the infinite mental, moral and financial support...

Secondly my elder sister for guidance. Since A level onwards my sister taught my a lot until now when i'm in the medical uni, because we are going through all the same thing. Thanks for scolding me to let me aware of how stupid i am in fact, and the caring to let me know i'm not alone. Since she's sharing the same thing with me.

Thirdly my younger sisters for all the support, cheering when i'm stressed and pissed.

Fourthly, all my friends in imu. All my study friends... Darrien, Justin, CKS, TKS, Peng... thanks for farking me up. That made me to understand how much i'm left behind, and pushing me forward even more. And thanks to all of you all in M106, my seniors for all the support.

Finally, thanks to all the non medical field friends for the understandings. I'd like to highlight William and Suren. Thanks for being there for me everytime before i ended myself. Thanks for understanding me to have such a shitty life and take all the shits i lay upon you all.

And of course, thanks to you all who are reading this.

M106, see you guys in semester 4 for endocrine system.

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