413# Estee Lauder Model Search

Bored of seeing my gunpla review posts? There's something different this time.

Not really a blog post, this entry is actually made as to help a friend of mine.

Not sure if you've heard about this before, there seems to be a model search competition going on somewhere out there.

I didn't know about that, my life here has nothing other than medicine, XPS and W810i.

Alright, anyway, my friend told me about this contest. Apparently she has taken part in it. My college friend who work part time as a model and also appeared in multiple modelling search competition.

Kawan, must help a bit la.

Interested in voting your favourite model? Now this is what you can do.

Get to this page, register yourself (For msians only, sorry for the inconvenience, and forget about the passport part) and you're done after the email verification.

Once done, click on the "Vote for your model" button on top. Then you'll get plenty of photos with fresh white teeth shining at you.

Voting started yesterday, 3rd July. And ends 9th if I'm not wrong.

Just hope that you can pay extra attention for my little friend there;

Contestant number: PU173.

Give her some little support alright? So that I can get a free coffee from her.

She's same age as me, but physically from first impression it could be a little bit deceiving.

Honestly, in my humble opinion, I'd say that contestant for this model search requires a more wild and mature looking person. So in this case there will be some minus marks then.

Besides, no offense for the photographer, the photo angle of her photo was no good. Could have been better if it's taken from right 45 degrees. Just my 2 cents.

I've shortlisted 3 models according to the 3 ethics (of course including her). They look not bad and hope 1 of them can stand out from the rest.

Therefore, do participate and vote if you have the time. Thanks for your support.

All pictures from Estee Lauder site.

PS: Finally watched transformer 2.


CarynBear said...

oo.. the girl in 8th box of category A look like OliviA~! =p

stinchan said...

to me, model, pretty is nice n good...but i wont vote for her if she's a sohai airhead...so how, your friend can do anything besides pose or not? if can, i vote

Mike said...

caryn: that's quite true, especially the eyes, looks like olivia huh. btw that's at the second row is category B already.

chan: walao chan, serpentine tongue. she knows how to guide me to 1U and pyramid using the route which i didn't use before, haha! ok, it's just me, weak in directions. but she is good in directions.

CarynBear said...

u mean she's over 30 dy?...
woow.. i wish i'd look like tat over 30 =.=

Mike said...

i think so... some females look better after 30's, more mature looking :D


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