414# Paediatrics: Growing

An update by demand.

Results for Orthopaedics posting was out few weeks back. Honestly, I didn't feel good about it. I've done my best and yet I still passed with a B. It was a good grade, at least it was a clear pass. But by looking at the result graph, scoring a B was almost equals to a fail.

Almost half of the posting group scored A and A-. Getting a B was in fact lower than the class mean.

But it's alright, we all have got a tough examiner. I doubt he knew his candidates because he mixed up all our evaluation forms. Six out of 7 of us got B in the end. Even the smartest guy in our group also got B like the rest of us.

Parking in the university is a big problem now. The external hospital parking is no longer available because the land is currently under construction for maternal and child health care building as well as a multi storey car park as to solve the parking issue of the hospital.

Therefore we no longer able to park outside if parking in the university is full. Subsequently the double park phenomenon has gone worse in there. That really can't be helped...

The only solution would be get to the university as early as possible. But no matter what, people in obstetric postings would be the earliest since they will reach there like 6.30am in the morning.

I still manage to get a parking when I reach after 8am. Still not too bad.

Anyway I don't think we will have any chance to use the upcoming hospital multi storey car park which is currently under construction. Because it is scheduled to completed in 31st December 2011.

Yes, we don't want to. Bet when the project is done we already finish 1 or 2 postings of our houseman ship postings.

This coming week will be a very hectic week. I have CFCS reports to write, 5 case summaries for paediatrics posting and need to complete up the slides as well as to present for the integrated medical seminar for the topic on connective tissue disease. All of these have to be done before this Friday, on top of my usual studies for my exams.

Before the end of semester 7 final exam, we have 3 more exams waiting for us on next week. Clinical exam for paediatrics as well as theory papers for both orthopaedics and paediatrics.

We're used to exams, don't we?

It's been a while since I last wrote a review. Apart from the Deep Striker I got during end of May, the recent haul I've gotten are the 3 new Revoltech Evas as showed above. Currently sitting on top of my bookshelf in Seremban.

No time and no camera plus I'm away from home, so I'm not able to take photos of them as for review writing. Guess I can only do that after my finals.

By the way, I spotted my posts on my PG Strike Gundam at a blog from "another Mike".

Apparently there's another Mike out there who fixes Gundam. Mmm...

I might post up a filler review post someday soon. Too busy to write these days. Can't wait for semester 7 to be over.

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