281# From Wajalution to Evojation

281# From Wajalution to Evojation

Someones i'm unsure about msian's patriotism.

Being a msian, we buy national car. Not about showing off how much we love our country. It's just because we don't have a choice.

The gahmen protects the national car regardless how farked up the quality they are and raise up to 330% taxes for imported cars.

Since imported cars are made to be expensive, msians have their own way to make it cheap.

Modification, conversion, pimped up version... You name it...

Msian ah bengs and ahmads are so god damn crazy over mitsubitshi's lancer evolutions. If their financial status do not allow them to have one, they will make themselves to have one.

A waja will cost around 70k, and a brand new-gahmen taxed-lancer evolution will cost up to 340k, depends on the year of manufacture and specs.

Therefore these ah bengs and ahmads will just modify their waja into an evo. I've seen a wajalution with big "evolution" words at the back, but the driver failed to remove the "waja" badge at the side windows.


Forgive me, but i've to say... It's plain eyesore to see this msian pimped up wajalutions and wiralutions to roll around the road. It's a god damn shame to the country as well.

They make you waja with farked up quality and specs therefore just take it lah. Wtf you need to make it into a an evo? That's even more farked up than the original waja. No offense to waja drivers alright... I have a waja at home too.

Therefore i came out with this idea. Since there're so many of them converted their waja into evo, why not i have a counter attack?

Convert an Evo into a Waja.

I thought this is cool, but... someone have already done that long time ago in fact...

God damn it! There's already a evojation!

STS ah? Check out the waja logo there on a waja facelifted front.

I salute this man, seriously. That's the greatest honour a driver can ever have.

I think this guy must have quite pissed off to all those wajalutions on the road therefore he wants to diu those fellas back.

Or he just want to show how patriotic he is to the country... Lol.

This must be a work of a rich person. And it certainly need some courage to do so. Not all evo drivers would downgrade their rides into a waja.

If there's any competition for modified cars, i think this car deserves to be the champion.

No "evolution", but "WAJA".

For sure you'll get lots of attention when you drive this out.

Msian version "Pimp my ride", should called as "Ride my pimp" huh? Kennysia said...

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