269# Harder to breathe

270# Harder to breathe

I always think of something to write over here.

Sometimes some thoughts will just flash through my mind, which inspire me to write. But i tend to forget those very easily.

That's why i said, "flash" through.

Semester 3 has begun and now is the 5th week. Respiratory assessment is friday.

I try my best not to screw it up like what i've done for the cardiovascular system.

Forget about the pharmacology part of it. Chew up everything about pathology. The slides, the organs and the chest X rays.

CVS paper was a freaking biased ones where none of pharmacology question were asked.

Anti arrhythmic drugs, anti hyperlipidemia drugs, anti hypertensive drugs, heart failure drugs, ishaemic heart disease drugs...

About 1/6 of total lectures, but none of them came out.

Forget about it, it's over.

To be honest, i'm quite tulan with the M107 orientation. Freaking making noise through out the whole day. Furthermore the juniors all wore all kinds of non sense costumes and walked around the campus - which is an eyesore.

Don't get me wrong. I was not one of them. Because i skipped all of the orientation programme last time. My threshold to withstand ragging is low, i don't want to be kicked out from the imu during first week of orientation after killing seniors who ragged me. Besides, i don't want to be "disorientated" in a wrong way, i don't need that.

Juniors are not meant to be "orientated" in those ways, please.

Some said that i've changed my style of writing. I do need to admit that.

I've stop writing shit about the so called "majority". It's a fact that most of them (not all of them) are using their knee to think all the times. Therefore in such a way only we can be better than them - which they always try to deny.

I've stop writing shit about the uncivilised eclipsed motherfuckers. It's a fact that most of them (not all of them) will not be civilised and remain as ignorant as usual. But hey, without them, no one's gonna pick up garbages or fix the stucked toilet bowl.

I realised that nowadays i've been focus in writing things happen around me, instead of fucked up things happened in our drumstick place.

It's a good thing, actually. This transitional change has in fact lowered my anger towards them. Why do i need to care so much about them and the drumstick, since none of them is going to give a shit about us?

Focus more on my studies, i'd say, instead of blaming shit about the "developing" drumstick. I think "undeveloped" drumstick would be a better word to replace it.

Ha! Take this.

Now go back to study.

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