268# Ball tongue

268# Ball tongue

I can't recall when was the last time i played basketball.

To be precise, i have never played basketball since the day i was born.

If to consider the number of times i have touched a basketball on a basketball field, i think that would not be more than 20 times through out my whole life.

I actually have a nike 500 basketball in my room. That basketball was bought 4, 5 years ago. And i have never bring it to a full basketball court to play with before.

That was a basketball borrowed by my friend from his friend.

Reason? Oh well... I was sort of grown in a community without basketball. Without considering those kiddy basketball game i think i had during primary school, i have no chance to play at all.

My secondary school was seriously biased. Since basketball is most played by the chinese, which form the minority of my secondary school, therefore basketball court is never ever built.

Who will ever give a shit about the chinese?

Farkin' biased, racial discriminating, lazy slacks, blind folded gahmen salary eatting pussy ass motherfuckers.

And yes, all basketball nets brought by the residents around my area, which placed at the badminton courts were never remained functional for more than 2 months.

All of those were vandalised.

Yesterday my friend called me out for a basketball game. Nice.

I'm pretty sure that i have a basketball player's height. Sort of natural born 6 feet 3 basketball player.

But basket heck, i have never played basketball before. I have no skills after all. And the worst is that, my life is always full of books - I have no god damn stamina for any kind of sports!

Bookworm - That's what my friends called me as. Even my friend's mother said that i looked like a bookworm!

Screw it, i just headed to it.

After we travelled Taman Chi Liung and Taman Bukit Tinggi phase 1, finally we found a place to play at Taman Botanic.

Taman Botanic is indeed the highest class residental area around the place i'm staying currently. Therefore no doubt they have a full basketball court free of vandalism.

The court is cool, new, nice and complete. Hence people from the taman around went there to play. Since both sides of the net was occupied, we all forced to sit a side and wait for it to be idle.

In fact i was not really interested in playing the ball at the court. My main concern fell to the park. The park at Taman Botanic is possibly the nicest one around this area. Clean, green and relaxing.

The most important thing is that, there is no mat rempit, no drunk klings staying in this taman.

People pay extra for ordinary houses do have a reason - a more peaceful environment.

How wish i could have that over my area here which infiltrated by motherfuckers.

After minutes of waiting, we were invited to join one of the game. Since they only needed 2 out of 3 of us, i stepped back. As if i could play well...

One of my friend played pretty well. His shooting accuracy is superb. These fellas who always hang around the basketball court do really perform well.

Shooting, faking, passing, jumping, rebound... everything.

And i know nothing.

I sat a side and watched them play. With my height i can only reach the realm, barely. Maybe i was wearing my sandals instead of my AIR. And i was not warmed up yet.

The most obvious reason that i can't jump up high is because, i'm not a sport built!

After they finished a game, i was asked to join the second one. I couldn't see shit after i took off my specs. I passed the ball to wrong person for few times. The only time i scored was few metres away, right in front of the net.

And the worst thing is that, the only girl in the match played nicer than me and scored more than me. Obviously... I think she plays often.

I suck.

Ask me to study, i'll study.
Ask me to play metal music by the electric guitar, i'll play.
Ask me to draw gothic erotic drawings, i'll draw.
But not ask me to do anything which involves stamina!

Damn it, i want to start playing basketball. Now i know where to go. Just that i don't think i have the time to play. I'm already spending more than 1 hour on travelling go and fro imu every single day.

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