271# Home

271# Home

Someone said my posts are getting boring.

Comon' man. I ain't not living in a wonderful world. What kinda wonderful things you want me to write?

I'm living in a boring world where everyday is the same. Just that i have to sit for system assessments which ask different systems and questions everytime.


I spend more than 1 hour driving daily from klang to bukit jalil, and from bukit jalil back to klang. So freaking sien ok...

35 minutes minimum from my place to university, and more than 45 minutes is needed to reach home since i need to stop at a traffic light to make a U turn from the highway. What worse is that there are always people try to cut in the queue ahead of you.

People always tend to cut in the queue and i always avoid that from happening. Everytime when a car is trying to cut in ahead of me, i'll make the gap smaller so that they can't fit in.

Just something to wake me up from sleeping and to release the stress of studying and driving. And this is the penalty for those who want to cut queue. Show some tulan face to them.

Cut queue? Freaking line up you idiots.

The sun is going to rise...

Since we were "allowed" to take picture of people who offends road rules and we would get awarded, why not we take some pictures when we are driving? We might capture someone who offends one of the eight thousand seven hundred and sixty five road rules.

Cut the crap off. Well, sometimes i do snap a picture or two when i'm driving.

I like to do that especially the part of the highway where both sides having 3 petrol stations. 6 in total and both sides have street lights. Including the road lights at the centre of the highway, it makes that part of the highway the brightest.


For those who stay in Klang and always drive to KL direction at KESAS might know which part of the highway am i talking about.

Yes, the above ones. But seems that i missed the light scene because the sun rosed when i drove passed there.

Rushing for clinical skill unit, was i? Because i do not go imu so early in the morning when the newspaper has yet to reach my doorsteps.

Rise liao, can see the orange there or not?

I dislike to drive in the morning around the time of 9 to 10. The sunlight will straight shine on my eyes and it's very unbearble. The sunglasses usually do not help much.

I have to full time shade myself with my right hand.

Angel weaps

It seems that the god of rain likes to cool down some engines during the evening. It's been raining for the pass few days during the same timing. The sky got really awful especially at Subang and Shah Alam.

Have you take back all your clothes hanging in the garden, those who staying in Subang and Shah Alam?

Go back home "sao sam" ah...

After storm

You will be thankful once you get out from the charged clouds. It's such a big contrast where 1 minute ago you were trapped in a huge rain where you needed to drive with 60km/h without seeing is there any car ahead or behind you.

(What's worse is when one of your car's wiper flew off and that happens to be the right ones. Haha Darrien)

And once you passed the raining area, you have a huge sun and a cloudless sky welcoming you ahead. You will be glad that you are able to see the road clearly and drive back to 100km/h.

Nonetheless, the sun looks the prettiest once the storm is over.

Ps: All photos above were taken in the same day... 07th of March.

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