273# Minerva's Apnea

273# Minerva's Apnea

Finally Respiratory system assessment's result is out today. As i expected, if imu is hardworking enough the results should be released 2 weeks after the exam.

Imu is hardworking this time, unlike previously for the cardiovascular system.

I found that out when a friend told me after i stepped into the campus. While i passed by the M106 notice board, the statistic for the exam's achievement was already published there. 73 out of 190 got A, 3 people got C+, and 6 people got C.

Wonder why i only focus for A and C? Because C was the grade which i likely to get. And the number of As that i check was to see the exam's standard.

Considering the number for A- scorers as well, there are about 50% who scored A for it. And i'm not one of them.

I got a "tak berapa baik". B-

Oh well, B- (60% - 64.9%) is classified as borderline. Pass is B and above (B, B+, A-, A). During end of semester exam if one falls onto this grade will be require to sit for the borderline VIVA interview exam.

And i sat for it last year during my first semester's final.

It can be considered as a fail, technically. Since it's not a pass it's always better to treat it as a fail. I didn't blame myself for not making it a pass. Although i've tried as hard as i could but sometimes shit still happen on me.

I'm glad that i have achieved one grade better than my cardiovascular system in fact. Therefore, the up-climbing progress of my grade shall go on for the upcoming haemotology exam.

I really hope so.

Did i said that the MG strike noir is the last MG that i bought?

Shit, i think i did.

Just can't resist the temptation of this MG freedom and another 1/2 month allowance gone for this kit.

It's still new in condition and surprisingly i didn't even tear out the plastic to check the runners. I'm just going to assemble it after my haematology exam.

Have to focus on studies, really. No time for gunpla.

After today when i got my respiratory exam result, finally i have regain the motivation to study. It's not good to rely on this kind of motivation to push myself on. In fact, i should tell myself to get into business all times.

But it just didn't seem to work.

The push will only come when i sit in the library with all different viscosities of peer pressure around me.

Now i think i can concentrate. Because i can concentrate on studies instead of assembling the MG freedom!

Tomorrow. I'm going to a full burst study mode tomorrow. The worst after all is that next wednesday i'll be having my mock OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination).

Monday i will be having the second CSU for history taking, and 2 days after is my OSCE. Stress man.

My stress level is as pack as my gunpla boxes in my room. There's no room to breathe.

I must think of some ways to reduce my stress (and also to lower the growing number of boxes) or else i'll be crazy. Seriously.

Never mind. What i need is just the hardowork. But sometimes everyone does still need a little bit of luck.

I would rather sacrifice my luck for having green traffic lights, luck for spotting a car park... And accumulate those lucks together and use it for my exams.

Oh, that won't happen.

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