270# MG Strike Noir

270# MG Strike Noir

Foreword: I don't think you're going to understand what you are about to read. So just ignore me.

This fella was out at Japan on 15th March.

I was waiting for it since the day it was annoucned to come out with a Master grade format.

Last saturday i went to Lot 10 + Sungei Wang + Times Square to orientate myself about the "dark side" of KL.

Not surprised that i was traumatized by the visual pollutants since i was already told to be mentally prepared. (Hope you guys do understand what i meant) But hey, Times square got the stuff that i want.

On the 3rd day of release at Japan, MG Strike Noir reached here, which is few more days earlier than i expected. I thought it would reach around 1 week or more after Japan.

And so happens that the stock just reached the shop on the day i went to Times Square, which i didn't expect to bring anything home from there.

FYI, you actually need to scratch built it from these 300+ parts which are attached to the frames (runners, 18 of them). Oh, there are 361 parts including the 4 screws.

3rd Master Grade model i've purchased so far, hope it would be the last since i don't want to waste my time and money on it anymore.

It costs me more than two hundred bucks plus a stand and a metallic marker.

Damn, that's why i said that i need to stop.

Since i'm gonna do this kit very slowly, so i tried not to rush it and enjoy the whole procedure of assemble it.

Was trying to mimick all the effect shown on the box art. So i even use the metallic marker to color some of the parts in the frame, which is kind of useless since the shells are going to close it.

For the first time i did the panel lining for the inner frames as well. That's why my eyes were crying in pain because all these works are seriously hard and need a lot of concentration.

I'm just a noob in modeling because i don't spray my works. No money.

An air brush's compressor would cost me more than RM700, which is the cheapest possible on earth. Plus the air brush pistol, paints, thinner, some other tools... That cost for than RM2000 which is impossible for a student to afford.

Anyway it's more than enough for a noob just to assemble it with panel linings.

Actually it still look good without paintings. Just the texture on the surface isn't nice enough, which may possible overcome with a few layers of top coat. All parts are colored according to the settings so it won't be a big problem.

Gundam markers do play some role for an MG format model to add more details. Not that necessary though.

I spent more than 8 hours yesterday to assemble it. I did a little bit of weathering effect during lining, because Noir's sharp ends are kind of easy to come out with the effect with lining marker plus the eraser to wipe off, to produce the pseudo-weathered effect.

Just because of that, that explains why i took more than 8 hours. Besides, the pistols are not lined yet. And the twin rifles, strike rifle, extra hands are not even assemble yet, still attached to the runners.

Wait until i got time lah.

My very 3rd noir as well. "Third" is the word of the day, man.

3rd MG, 3rd Noir, 3rd day after in Japan.

Master grade format, High grade format and the Super deformed ones. Three hundred bucks gone for those. Pain.

Now i'm having problem in keeping all these. The box itself is really huge and i have plenty of them. Furthermore the places i have to display my works are very limited.

In other words, my room's just full of comic books, gundam boxes, and the models itselves.

All 3 Master Grades i have. Besides the Strike Noir, there're Strike Freedom - Full Burst Mode version and a Strike plus I.W.S.P.

Yes, if you noticed. They are all the "Strike" variants, but Strike freedom is not though.

Strike rogue and Aile Strike are missing? Don't want, no money liao.

Six hundred plus ringgit for all three MGs. I'm starving for the next coming few months.

Ps: FYI, these are not toys. High grade is for 8 and above while Master grade is for 15 and above. Don't buy it for your cousin's son.

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