272# Activating the S.E.E.D. Mode

Steroidal Encephalon Enhancing Drug

When i think back how did i studied for my previous summatives and systems, i'm quite impress to myself that actually i can push myself to that kind of limit.

Of course the amount of time i usually spend on studying is not even half of those scorers' spend of. But it's not the matter of how long we study or how much we study, is the matter of how much we can digest and absorb.

And i'm facing a malabsorption problem.

Most of the times i swallow all i could take. But after the digestion process, there's actually not much i could absorb. Mentally saturated, that's what people say.

There was once i went into the problem based learning room to study with my friend. I was freaked out by what my friends wrote on the white board. (Shown above)

It wasn't any recognisable diagram or graph i've seen that time, i thought that i've missed out something during the lecture when i was taking my afternoon nap.

Oh shit, it was just a DoTA version 6.42 map, with different heroes on each lane with its items respectively.

Ok, get back to study.

And back to topic.

I realise that my brain gets saturated rather fast. I no longer could take in what am i supposed to. My brain might be started to shrink in size after all of the hardworks i did.

In the other words, i'm starting to get a little bit dumb.

How wish our timetable could be like semester ones. Lectures from 8am to 10.30am and after that, we are free to do whatever we want.

But now, lectures from 1.30pm to 3.45pm. CSU 2 hours once in each week, PBL 2 hours twice in each week. Plus time needed to log in to computer to print out notes...

Damn, we need more time.

How wish i have the time and the motive to stick my arse in the library and study. It's impossible to be like semester one where i stone in there from 11am to 5pm. Sometimes even more than that.

Somehow, my hardwork did not bring back the reward, though. Because of the stupidity lol.

And now, i wish that i can push myself back to studies. Not necessaryt the library. Library is an insane place where everyone forced to wrapped ourselves so that we won't catch a cold.

Steroidal Encephalon Enhancing Drug needed.

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