267# A Gothic Romance - Red Roses for the Devil's Whore

267# A Gothic Romance - Red Roses for the Devil's Whore II

Part 1

Another valentine's day around the corner.

And it has nothing to do with the sausage gang.

For people like we all, we hardly got related to valentine's day. Our life is plain simple, sleep, dota, lecture, sleep, dota, eat, dota.

Alright, i'm excluded from that group actually. My daily routine is about the same, but just except the dota part.

I'm no longer playing dota anymore, since i suck big time. Besides, i have some other better ways to spend my cash and time.

Wednesday, i walked into the campus through the basement car park.

There was 2 couples walked passed me. All 4 of them looked sweet. And there were 2 more girls who holding a big bunch of flower and another one with a helium balloon.

How sweet huh.

When i met my friends up, i could see that single people like me were smiling like we never did before. All sat around a table and laughing to each other.

S.A.D. which stands for, Single Awareness Day, someone called it. Instead of celebrating Valentine's day, we all were celebrating an S.A.D.

It's not too bad to be single, actually. At least we will not fall into the trap of valentine's day which set up by a bunch of girls long time ago to force their other half to give flowers and chocolate to them.

The price of flowers, especially roses, will grow 10 times more than usual. Furthermore there will be more "Valentine's Special" goods such as watches, t shirts, handphones which will suck out a guy's wallet.

I did sucked out a little bit 2 years ago from a Levi's shop.

And that t-shirt is left in my wardrobe ever since.

Anyway, jobless people like us will have nothing particular to do on that day for sure. Before the lectures started, a few of us gathered. With a flower that one of us brought, we did some mtv-ish thingy to freak out our friends.

The following responses were obtained:

First - "What are you doing~~~~~??" (ran off...)

Second - "Huh? What?"
Third - "....."

Fourth - "Fuck off, jerk..."

For your information, i didn't do those. I was just sitting there, take pictures, videos of those, and said "lol".

After lecture, we had nothing to do so we left. When we passed by the basement car park, i notice something.

There was 2 papers left by someone, or maybe two people at a Myvi's windscreen.

I thought someone was doing "Learn how to park you moron" thingy. But when i checked out what were those, i found out that i was wrong.

Precisely, it was an envelope with a "love letter" inside, which folded into a "love" shape. And another one was a piece of paper with some kind of riddle.

Sweet, i'd say. But that was a little bit too old school.

Obviously it's done by a guy, i presumme. He needs to eat more oyster i think. You got what i mean.

I hope the receiver will manage to solve the riddle, and figure out who the secret admire is. After that let it goes, "Deng! deng deng deng..."

If you think that i'm being a kpc, please forgive me. I just have nothing to do seriously on that day. Anyway i manage to go out with 2 friends to shop at night.

Oh ya, they are guys. The year before this i went out for movie with a guy friend too. We ordered a "couple set", 2 soft drinks and a large pop corn. Sweet huh.

Sweet count: 3

Uncensored version

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