266# Pre - CNY 2007

266# Pre - CNY 2007



Have you ever realise that this year's cny is just 1 week away from us?

I didn't realise that we do have cny this year. Not that i'm not concerned, is the atmosphere that never give me that kind of cny feel.

When i flipped through the tv channels, i hardly see any cny advertisments during these few years. The number if it is declining from year to year. And when it comes to the worst, i have yet to see any cny related advertisment appear on the tv screen.

Economy crisis huh? Why is there none of them greeting me hcny through the tv? You cheapskates. Mehsis, diji, selkom, ohsim, ohgawah, kurniama, ploton, pelodua... They did advertised, but i see none this year.

Maybe i rarely watch the tv? I'm not sure.

Before i stepped into kfc restaurant yesterday, i never knew that cny this year is never this far.

When i stepped in through the side entrance (easier for me since i parked my car at its side), i was greeted by two dolls stickers on the door.

Wasn't thinking much, i made my steps straight ahead to the counter and order my food. Some of the worker there damn freaking cheapskate, they should serve customers drinks when they require customers to wait for the burger to be done.

But that time i got a mini pepsi to kill my thirst while waiting.

When i sat down, i noticed that the cyling was hanging something funny.

Oh man, i didn't realise that people are actually started decorating for cny.

I looked out from the restaurant and saw a few of the houses out there were already well decorated with all these hangers.

Or maybe those were already there since years ago?

Shyt, i feel nothing for this coming cny. And i have nothing new to wear.

Cny has never got this boring. Due to some copyright issue, which is damn freaking brainless, cny songs are not allowed to be played in the public. I guess that's why the cny atmosphere failed to be created.

Few nights ago i went out from my friend and drive around the klang town. Could see some of the fellas out there started selling tangerines, decoration goods and the salai (what do we name it in english actually?).

Regardless all these cny related stuffs are all around, somehow i still can't feel the "umph" from it.

This year's cny is going to be dead soon...

I hope that i'm wrong.

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