265# Babylon Clinic

265# Babylon Clinic

Guess everyone has been to the clinic. When you feel hot, when you feel cold, when you lao sai, when your sai cannot come out... Sure you will pay a visit to the doctor at the clinic nearby your place.

How do you go to the clinic? Walk? By car?

And for sure the clinic is within your sight when you parked your car.

Anyway, have you ever think of any clinic which existed, which is not built at the ground level?

The above picture was taken near the clinic's window.

Last week we went to this clinic at KL where the clinic is located at the 15th floor in the building.

15th floor...

We couldn't see where the clinic is, but actually it is just at top above of us.

This is seriously no joke. And we were kind of freaked out that we needed to use the lift to get to the clinic.

According to the medical officer who briefed us around, she said that the clinic might be the only clinic locally which is not at the ground level.

This looks kind of cool, but it isn't.

What if your arse pain like shit and you need to visit this clinic, and so happens that the lifts were out of service and you needed to climb up for 15 floors to reach there?

Before you could find for treatment for your arse, you might have already bled to death while climbing up the stairs...

Anyway, that was just an insane example. Having a clinic at 15th floor is for sure not convenient for the patients, especially the elderly, or patients with joints problem.

Somehow the location of this clinic is not permanent. They are looking for a new location to move out.

Even though this is a gahmen's clinic, but the place looks cool. It gave me that kind of private clinic feel. The place was actually a well-built left over before got taken over by the clinic though.

What surprised me more is that the train station to reach this clinic is actually built IN the building where the clinic is.

So what happened that day was, we walked out from the train and tried to look for any building which looks like the one we looking for. Like i mentioned, it is actually situated on TOP of us.

And Dr. Ranjit called us to follow him. In the building, we exit the train station, walked a little bit, reached the lift, went up, and the clinic is there.

Freakin' cool building with built in train station and clinic. WLE, WTH!

Anyway, we didn't have any patient interviews nor physical examinations like what we usually do in the hospital or health centres. I have no idea what were we doing there actually.

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