264# Ais Batu Campur

This is super-duper-za-dou man!

Anyway, i've predicted that for sure i will not pass my cardiovascular assessment.

I've scored an A for the first summative, B for the second summative, and C+ for my CVS.

What a record. I have all first 3 alphabets.

Half of the batch, which has 183 people in total failed this assessment. This is not looking good. Later some rumours will spread that imu is taking brainless students for cash.

Screw that shit. Not that we can't make it. Just that our passing mark is god damn high.

Most of my friends also screwed up, excluding those full time A scorers though. Quite easy to find out who passed or failed. Those full time scorers need no questions. And those who might pass and sometimes not will show their results on their face.

I didn't show a screwed up face. Because i've predicted mine. The rest, all with screwed up faces. No offense but, yes... We are all screwed up.

Did you guys heard from Dr. Thani that only 10 people out of 183 passed the OSPE on the heart pathology slides question? That's damn scary.

Since i scored A, B, and a C+ for the assessments of my semester 2, overall i've got a B. Overall i'm still pass... At the verge of failing though.

Anyway folks. That was just a first system course that we sat. Just that we are not used to the way of the questions. Get geared up for respiratory, hematology and gastrointestinal systems soon. Damn, end of semester 3 finals isn't that far away from us!

Oh shit. I just need to stop giving myself excuses for my failure...

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