34# 2005

34# 2005

Sigh... Cny is really tiring. Everyday have to rush to here and there... but everything is just at my dad's family site. I havent lepak with my frens yet. Yet. The programmes still go on...

Tat's y i hv to ffk my frens... sorry la William, Randall, Monster, Suren and guys... Everytime they called me out, for sure i was with my family's gathering... everytime. Two until 5 places to go everyday, imagine tat. Damn tired in the end of the day.

But my task is not end yet. Once i got home, i need to transfer all the photos from the camera and the camcoder to the laptop. Then recharge the devices' batteries... Sounds easy but it's really tedious... I have to handle both camera and camcoder at the same time, tat's wat called as "multi-tasking" by Jin... But somehow i seldom got caught in the camera... got la, some only, sigh.

Angpau money is not tat many this time... just enough for me to use for a month. I think it's ok la, i dun ask for too much...

This year is really evil for me. I gambled with my cousins without using real money, in the end i da pao all the points from them. I won all their points, ALL... haha. And when i cho dai di with them, i won all the times... When i be the banker, i won also... sigh. Not challenging dy...
But the best part was, when i was the banker, I made 3 blackjacks and one 21 points. I lost la.
but if i took the risk, i would got 21 points as well, haha... damn la.

it's always bad to gamble. I dun expect things which are not belong to mine. Though i go against the destiny, but sometimes i do believe it. Wat is not mine would be taken though i got it. And it is even worst to have it just for a moment... But i noe if i tried, in the end it would be mine...

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