36# AV Stimuli

36# AV Stimuli

Today i went MV, still couldnt find BoA's best soul album... though it was in Tower Records. The one which used to have all of the records... Shit. All of the BoA's albums there already bought... Somehow i think so far i had never buy a single CD from towers. So god damn expensive man... RM 48.90 for a korean audio? Damn it. I got the same particular CD in Pyramid's Fantasy with only RM34, after 20% off from RM 42.90.... Fantasy is always my choice for audios. I bought lots of Cd from there since i entered Taylors. Near to Pyramid ma...

From there, i bought Mika Nakashima - True, Utada - Exodus, BoA's Korean albums ( ID:Peace-B, No.1, Miracle, Shine We Are, My Name ), Korn - Greatest Hits, Cradle of filth - Damnation and a day, Nymphetamine... Cagnet's best world....
11 albums in total from there as i know since last year til now.
mmm... tat's already a lot for me. I got only around 26 original CDs, and those from Fantasy are already almost half of my collections.
So far been spending more than a thousand for them... music is life...

For comics... there are more than 500 comics in my room. I think this is a lot. Occupying most space of my shelves other than my Encyclopaedias and my CAL books. Been watching and collecting since i was 12 til now, non stop... sounds kinda crazy but comic means lot for me. For those who think tat reading comic is childish, i would like to tell them to take a look in the mirror, hit their face on it and fucking find a hole to bury themselves. I hate those who never appreciate comics no matter what kind of comic is it. I remember everyone of them who said i'm childish just bcoz tat i read comics. Fuck tat bullshit, you bitches. From an inspiration to be expressed until readers could read it, there's a god damn long procedure to do it. As a person who draws, i understand how hard it could be to draw a comic. For those who thinks tat comic is for kids only, u are so fucking wrong. Adults drew it ok? And those super cool movies are from comics also, so wat the fuck u all want to complain about comics? Stop tat bull shit bitches. I am pointing to those who said tat shits above, i would not like to mention ur names here, but hope yall remember tat u said tat shit b4. I wont forget who the hell had u said to me.

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