37# LIVE

37# LIVE

Everything in this world would have the opposite. Even a single piece of magnet has a north pole and the south... learning magnetic flux density so i'm using this as an analogy... We have heaven and Hell, black and white, predator and prey, kill and killed... There's always something to oppose something. So y do ppl always try to worsen the opposite side since both are existing together? Just think tat I'm neutral in this case, i'm helping neither Good nor Evil... ok.
Before ppl could understand everything about some particular thing, y are they making opinions to against the opposite side? Why they need to against the other side as bad as they could? In the end both are fighting each other and no one wins. It would be a last one standing, and the other side falls.
This really happened.
And now what we had is the one who won, and we trust it, dedicate ourselves into it. The other side? Abandoned, prejudiced, and treated as bad. This is quite normal among us. Example like the war between two different countries. The one who won conquers, the loser is stepped by them.
What am i trying to say is pretty obvious now. I dislike naive hypocrites who were trying to influence me. I din against them. I dun have to. I just accept their kindness and refuse wat they gave. I dun have to help any side, just bcoz i'm at the middle of the line. i know it's bad to use the word 'naive' since i dunno much either. But the truth is always covered by the other. In the end it's never bein revealed. So no one noes the entire story isn't it?
Hypocrites? It was just simply some of them did it wrongly. Just those particular persons.
I dun even noe am i neutral or not. I think mostly i'm always at the bright side. Mostly. Bcoz at least i'm still doin things tat a normal person doin. Inside, maybe just a little bit different from the others with a different opinion.
But somehow, still as good as the others. Bcoz we were born to pay back wat we've done.

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