80# End of Daze

80# End of Daze

Yesterday's prayers was really tiring... From 11pm until 3am this morning. I din feel that exhausted compared to my relatives. Because i'm used to sleep around 1 or 2. After that prayers, I am offcially announced that i have passed through the mourning period. No more dressing restrictions for us. But my dad, uncle, aunt who are sons and daughters still have to wear in plain. At least this is not too bad for me because now i can wear my t-shirts freely...

Rachael is going back Melbourne on this Thursday... 3 weeks passed just like that. She called me out yesterday because Nicole and the others wanted to go out for a tea. Man, I would like to go too, miss they all so much. Gave my reason, then continued to read Dragon Ball borrowed from Joespeh. I've finished those 25 books i've borrowed from him just now.

And then during yesterday's dinner, suddenly I got a Bubble message from Ah Leong. That guy is probably sic. Said that he missed me, wanted me to call him. So that he could see my picture at his phone's external screen when i call him. He must be excited after William and I taught him to use his phone's caller clip in the mamak that day. Could not go mamak with them that night, sigh...

Horoscope really gets me. I'm a Leo. According to the horoscope in newspaper today, mentioned that Leo got a chance to get a job, or earn money... something like that. But the chance will slip away just like that. Man! It gets me.

Because I was planning to go to work at Starbucks after picking up spanners at my uncle's EON service workshop. Reason is, I'm not willing to work over there, but my dad wants me. To learn how to fix a car by myself is more important than anything elses. Further more, I got no pay when i "get experiences" over there! That's why i always try to find some works outside, because i want to earn myself the money.

Starbuck's pay isn't that low. I hear about RM8 an hour. But need to sit for classes to learn about coffee though. Somehow just now Ken told me that Starbucks they only need permenant staffs... I do not know how long i'll get my ass in the EON services, but to work at Starbucks for half a year consider "permenant" for them and can be considered. Since i will only join intakes at 2006, so...

Recently I had only told Princess Cyndi bout my cell phone number. I got a forwarded message from someone, who is 013 2723388. Though that it was her, sms and called to confirm. No response, until today 2.46am i got a reply. Saying that he/she was not her. Maybe wrong number and wanted to know me. But once i replied to tell my name and age, i got no reply after that. Maybe that's a guy, knew that I'm a guy too, already lazy to response. A piece of shit...

Someone banged my car yesterday. I was coming out from the parking lot after my guitar lesson. Then there was an Iswara suddenly stopped, and went reverse. It was too close to my vehicle so I horned him. It was too late, he got his ass at my car. I never afraid of my 4WD since the metal bumper is kind of tough, just though of that car's ass so fragile and might damage.

I went down to check my car as "usual". No obvious damage. And then the driver said to me, "You punya besi takde rosak punya lah!" Kind of rude though he was the one what was wrong. I replied, "Tengok lah sikit anek!" And then settled, that's all. The very first minor car accident ever.

All right, quite long entry since long time never blog.

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