179# Price to Pay - 2

179# Price to Pay - 2

Still remembering the times i spent in Taylors. Casual wears to college was so comfortable and good.

T-shirts, jeans, sport shoes, occasionally shirts, three-quater pants, sandals...

But this is not going to happen in the IMU. Damn... i hate it.

Actually, is there any medical institutes which have dress code like IMU does?

Not in RCSI? Not in King's?

Shirt tucked in, tie, slacks, leather shoes. No jeans, no t-shirt, no demin, no sport shoes, no...

Headache. Got to wear like a working man in the university. No more freedom at all already!

I hate to wear tie. Seriously. I dislike the feeling of being strangled, and it's so suffocating.

No long and dyed hair. No earing. No long nails. No polished nails...

Long hair isn't look good for me. And i've dyed my hair for four times in the year of 2004. So i guess i shall stop harming my hair.

Actually dyed hair is still allowed, but as long as the colour is not too obvious.

Nails? I did polished 10 of them in dark black at the early year of 2004. Trying to act Goth but i failed.

My dad called me to remove the polish since i'm staying in an all criminal area, Taman Sentosa, Klang. Outstanding appearance will cause uncivilised pariah to be envy and finally beat me up.

Therefore, my dress code to the university shall be the same everyday. Shirt, tie, slacks, leather shoe... No variety at all! There goes my life...

I'm not yet getting a room to stay. Actually i could just rent a unit and share with Karanbir and Shafiq. But the thing is no one would pay and stay in the master bedroom which costs higher. So how?

So i guess i'll be driving to university everyday. 40 minutes per trip, and way back will take longer time... oh man.

If i feel bad in that way, maybe i'll look for a room to stay. But it would be too late then...

Let's do some math for the cost that i'll spend if i'm driving to university everyday.

Petrol consumption : RM0.24/km
Distance bewtween IMU and my house : 35km x2
Toll fees : RM1.50
Number of tolls : 3 x 2
Parking fee ; RM4.50

Total : (RM0.24 x 35 x 2) + (RM1.50 x 6) + RM4.50
= RM 30.30

Walao-eh! Bloody Hell!

I'm going to spent for RM30 per day if i drive to university everday.

Considering there'll be 23 times i drive to university in each month. Then it'll be RM690 per month! More expensive than a master bedroom out there in the Vista apartment!

Celaka betul... I need to change my car's tyres as soon as possible to minimise the petrol consumption.

And yes, the petrol consumption stated above is just a rough estimation. It can be minimise to RM0.18 as the mininum because of long distance run.

I'm so jealose to those whose house is just 15 minutes of driving to university. I really mean it...

Audrey la! 15 minutes of driving only to HELPS institute. Petrol also can save a lot. And Jin walks to university, 15 minutes too if i'm not mistaken. It's a torment during winter, though.

Staying in KL or PJ is so convenient. Unlike in Klang. If people call out for lepak, for sure it's going to be MV, 1U, Sungai Wang and so on... How am i on earth worth going those places?

Time and money that i'll spend for traffic can cost a bloody long bill!

Exhale. Speechless.

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