323# AEON

323# AEON

The new jaya jusco mall in bukit tinggi klang is launched on last saturday.

I actually wanted to go during its first day but i didn't make it after knowing that almost the whole population of klang went to smell each other there.

Heard that the area's traffic was heavily jammed. Luckily i didn't drive there or else i'd be trapped in jam like the rest.

Yesterday, my friend asked me to go with him because he needs to go there for an interview. He's having a one month semester break therefore he decided to work part time in a restaurant there, where salary and food come together in a combo.

Finally i give myself a chance to see how does the mall looks like. Even though i'll be having exam in less than 1 week's time but i still dragged myself there.

Klang is damn diu-ed up in the sense that the whole population have only 1 place to watch movie, which is at the bukit raja mall. Now we have another option. Both TGV though, but i prefer GSC because its caremel popcorn taste better.

But anyway there's actually a cinema at centre point which shows 2 malay movies, 2 indian movies and sometimes, 1 english movie only - which only targetted for specific peoples. By the way, the cinema in there is dirty. I think explaination is not needed.

Another than bukit raja mall mentioned, we have the old klang parade, the even older central point which attracts all bastards and idiots with purchase power of zero, the new centro mall which has practicaly nothing, and this new bukit tinggi mall.

Plus 3 other hypermarkets, giant, tesco, and carefour, so i think it's kind of enough already though.

But what i really wanted is something like - mid valley, a place where can lepak and shop. Mid valley is still the best place to shop with somehow.

Alright, this new mall is quite big, from the outside.

Once i went in, i didn't fell that it's any bigger. Maybe it was too crowded that time. Oh damn, there's takoyaki there!

There are quite a few new shops which draw my attention. Sony centre, yamaha, game shops...

And i bought a guitar pick from yamaha - the only thing i bought from there yesterday lol.

Standard chained cafe restaurants expected there. Starbarks, Domp...

I've never heard of sake sushi though. My friend's going to work there and i may pay a visit there next time.

There's fish manhattan market as well. Something off, type "my111 manhattanfishmarket 22" and send the sms to 33365 you will get a voucher which entitles you to get a buy 1 free 1 fish and chips. Good deal, I'll be there next time.

By the way, the added number "22" in the codename is to vote for my friend's sister, MinLi in starceleb.

There's something i wanted to buy actually, but there are still a few shops which are still under renovation. Plus TGV cinema there is not launched yet.

But now i have a reason to call people from shah alam or subang to come down for a movie, instead of me travelling to them...

No need to squeeze in one mall for movies with the others already. Good.

And this mall is just 8 minutes away from my house, yeah man. Oh no, damn, i'll be moving soon in 1 month's time... Damn it.

Damn count: 4

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