322# Kolam

322# Kolam

"Kolam (Tamil: கோலம்) is a decorative design drawn in a variety of sandpainting using rice powder by female members of the family in front of their home, especially near the threshold. It is widely practised by Hindus in South India. A Kolam is a sort of painted prayer -- a line drawing composed of curved loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots. They are generally symmetric.

Kolams are thought to bestow prosperity to the homes. For special occasions limestone and red brick powder to contrast are also used. Though kolams are usually done with dry rice flour, for longevity, dilute rice paste or even paints are also used. Modern interpretations have accommodated chalk, and the latest "technology" in kolams are actually vinyl stickers (that defeat the original purpose)."

All words above are copied and pasted from wikipedia.

For a moment i can't recall what does it called. I smsed a few friends for answer.

I didn't get any reply. Maybe they do not understand indian art culture enough to answer my question.

In the end i smsed Sree. Within minutes he replied me back. It's called as "Kolam".

Imu did one in conjunction with the diwali night. It was quite big. From the picture itself you can tell how big the Kolam is by refering to the size of the stage.

Too bad i didn't get to take close up shots of this Kolam. Wonder if it's still there tomorrow when i go back to uni.

Other than answering my question, Sree told me something more.

In fact, Kolam isn't pronounced as "Ko-lam", which how we pronunce for the word "Ko-lam" for "Lake" in B.M.

It's pronounced as "Koh-lem" instead.

I didn't know that...

Now i learnt something new again!

Wonder why am i writing something which seems irrelevant and doesn't seem to suit my style?

Because i saw a bigger, huger, and meaner Kolam before.

That was like... Gigantic.

Giga is too small to describe (1,000,000,000). So called it "Teratic" (1,000,000,000,000) can?

From far it looks like a carpet. At close only i noticed that it was formed by billions and billions of rice particles.

In case if you are wondering, ya, you got it right. That was our darrien over there trying to climb across it.

Spotted that fantastic artwork at The Gardens few weeks ago, when i went to Mid Valley for a movie with my batchmates after our Reproduction Assessment at uni.

To be honest, that was the biggest one i've ever seen in my whole life.

It's not that i'm a frog in the well, of course they are even bigger ones somewhere out there.

I'm pretty impressed by how beautiful creativities can be. Wonder how long did it take to complete.

And wonder what will happen if someone with big lungs sneezed over there.

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