320# 1/100 GN 001 Gundam Exia - Part 2

320# 1/100 GN 001 Gundam Exia - Part 2

This took me longer than i thought.

For the first night i started to work on this at 10.30pm. I started to do panel lining while the parts were still on the frame.

Before i done all of the lining, since some parts can't be reached before i cut them out, it was already 12.30am.

I spent 2 hours just to line some of the parts. Some of them only!

I stopped lining and started to assemble. By 1.40am i only able to finish the upper torso.

Yesterday i continued to work on this.

8.30pm to 1.30am... And finally it's done.

Spent total of 8 hours to assemble this 1/100 scale model. If plus those times taken to adjust ti and that, photos and everything, it nearly took me 10 hours in total.

Never knew it will took me for so long. The last 1/100 scale model i assembled was the 1/100 Legend Gundam. And that took me only 1 night to assemble, line and marker.

Did some trick at the generator. I used the green highlighter to color the inner part of the clear plastic part. Of course it's not even, since the highligher ink can hardly adhere to the plastic. But it does give some cool effect though.

This is the 4th 1/100 scale model i have assembled so far. I have 6 Master Grades instead because i always think that investing in MG is better than an ungraded model.

Other than the 1/100 Legend Gundam mentioned, and also this Exia, the other two 1/100 scale model i have is the Astray Red Frame and the Astray Blue Frame second L.

The Astrays are good in terms of articulations. But this exia seems to be superior than the Astrays.

Assembling the legs of Exia. It gives me that the feeling of assembling the MG strike. Pseudo inner frame of Exia. Looks very MG-ish. There are 8 points of articulations on the hip, knee, ankle and foot!

The proportion, articulations, details, gimmicks are all near MG level. The only downside i found from this model is the joint stability.

The polycaps used can't really support the joints well. Especially the hip joints, the legs will be pulled down by gravity during the aerial pose.

Since it's so detailed, i think i actually spent equal time, or even more, in lining this model than lining the MG Destiny gundam which i've just built recently.

Gosh, it's just a 1/100 scale model, but the parts to line with is more or less about the MG level. Having said so, there are 3 parts, or even more, to be lined with in each of every piece of them.

Plus the pieces to be lined are incredibly small. Usage of old liners are not recommended if the tip isn't sharp enough.

I used the old liner to line the large lines where the new marker to line the fine parts, since it's still new and sharp.

Beside the hardwork needed in lining, there are a few parts need to be colored.

The waist, arms, feet and GN sword are not moulded in grey where they supposed to be, but remained white instead. Anyway grey color stickers are provided for those parts, but somehow the grey part for GN blade isn't given.

Why do i need to rely on the stickers since i have the marker? I markered those parts carefully. But no matter how careful i am, accidents do happen.

The tip of the marker isn't fine enough and i screwed up the white parts at the GN sword. Had to use the pen knife to scrap those exceeding parts off...

"Seven swords" of Exia. GN sword, GN long blade, GN short blade, Beam saber x2, Beam dagger x2. Stole the polystyrene from the store room temporarily to make this shot.

Now my problem is that i have no space to display this completed model.

All 13 of my revoltechs are backed into box. 4 HG 1/144, 3 other SDs and 2 more 1/100 scale models have to be kept in their respective boxes due to the space restrictions. Display only 6 SD on the book shelf, all 6 of the MGs plus 1/100 Legend and this 1/100 exia only right now.

Therefore i have 8 of 1/100 size models plus those 6 small SDs on display . Displaying 14 of them is a lot since my room is so small.

Will get 2 glass shelves from Ikea once i move. Now i just have to bare with the space and the dust. Don't even have space to keep those boxes now...

MG 102, Unicorn Gundam. Coming soon on December. Should be right after our Renal assessment. Getting this MG for sure after the exam.

2 more weeks to go for the exam. No more gunpla, study.

PS: Headache now, slept for 4 hours only last night because of this model kit. Gosh.

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