318# Salt for your kidneys

318# Salt for your kidneys

Sorry to say, but i can't describe how much i dislike the current canteen in the uni.

Now we have only one canteen in the uni since the chinese and the malay ones left. No more option for the students to choose in between chinese food or malay food.

Anyway the current canteen have all kind of food provided, which is supposed to be a good news for everyone. But for me, i don't find it any better than the previous ones.

Kean seng's left hand insisted to be in the part of the picture.

Last friday i bought the chee cheong fun from the canteen.

Blardy hell, from Rm0.50 per piece the price goes 120% up into RM0.60 per piece.

I paid RM1.80 for 3 pieces and hoped to enjoy my tea break with the hot nescafe kao before the lecture starts.

But too bad it was too salty.

I'm not sure whether is the sauce or the chee cheong fun itself. But i just couldn't take it.

We are studying the renal system currently, which partly deal about how our kidney work to maintain and eliminate the salt in our body.

All the mechanisms appeared in my mind that moment, told me not to eat food which are too salty.

But hey, i have paid RM1.80 for it.

Even though Rm1.80 is just a small amount of money, but i shall not waste the food because there are millions to billions of them dying of starvation out there.

This super salty chee cheong can only be respected if it was born over there.

The chee cheong fun had my respect.

I had nothing to eat other than that, therefore i decided to reduce the salt content of the chee cheong fun by rinsing it. Even though thuan tzen asked me to leave it just like that. But no, i shall not let the chee cheong fun die without fulfilling its commitment.

The sky juice is free of charge in the canteen (which is the only good thing i found from the canteen) and it was fresh boiled hot at that time, which able to warm my chee cheong fun at the same time.

I could only eat it after i got rid of the salty sause by rinsing it.

I didn't finish the whole plate in the end. Only managed to eat 80% of the whole thing. Just feel that what i did was kind of stupid.

I know you feel it so.

From a glass of clear plain water it turned to be a glass of suet cha, which sendimentation.

This is what i would get if i forced myself to eat it with the sauce.

Imagine how much salt in there, how much of water i would need to drink in order to balance up the water content in my blood, and how freaking hard my kidneys are going to work in order to excrete them.

I nearly took the chee cheong salty cup to drink it instead of my nescafe. That was really close.

Bad public relationship, bad pricing, bad food, bad maths.

I can't say anything more than that.

PS: If one day you find the chee cheong fun ok, tell me. I give myself a second chance to try again.

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