314# MG Destiny Gundam - Extreme Blast Mode

314# MG Destiny Gundam - Extreme Blast Mode


It wasn't easy for me to get my hands on this.

Luckily i got this master grade with a reasonable price. For an MG with 7,320 yen (approx RM216) it is selling like RM320 locally due to those immoral greed ass sellers in ebay and shops.

I bought it for 8,330 yen even though it's a 7,350 yen kit. Of course, we can't expect it to sell at the exact price in japan. I have to call myself lucky since the rest of the people of the world (those in us, europe) need to buy it online with shipping costs, where i only need to bear the travel cost (5 minutes from imu) and the parking fee (RM1). But sadly, time cost.

I waited outside the model shop for 1 hour and 35 minutes for the shop owner to return. I was busy the next day, and the next next day we have exam. So that day, monday, i have to wait until the shop reopens. It was 9.45pm after i done everything.

The whole gunpla world is getting mad over this kit. Same as the MG strike freedom full burst mode released last year, this MG sold out after few days in japan. On the second day, if i'm not wrong.

That shows how much juice bandai and squeeze out from the modellers and collectors with the name of special version.

The regular version is just 5,350 yen while this special version is 2,000 yen more expensive. For the extra 2,000 yen it comes with the Wings of Light, special effect parts, chromed parts and 1/20 clear figurine of Shinn Asuka and Kira Yamato.

I only want the WoL and the effect parts. Screw the clear figurines, seriously. Just because they want to make the special version kit to sell in 7,350 yen therefore they think hard to squeeze in something to make it seems to worth the price.

I like chrome parts. But this frame isn't very perfectly chromed because there are still a few small parts which are not well coated. But fortunately this flaw isn't that obvious.

About 55 parts in the chrome coated frame. Not too bad. But some of those parts are hidden, doesn't matter if they are coated or not.

Good that the hydraulic pipe at the feet serves a function, like the one in MG Hi Nu's thigh.

Unlike the rest of the MG where the hydraulic pipes at the feet is just merely a decoration where the pipes aren't movable.

Things are massive in MG format. The wings are much bigger than the 1/100 scale model, of course.

Plus the small wing units move apart when the bigger unit is pulled up. Standard MG mechanism. But this isn't as fragile as the MG strike freedom's wing mechanism because it's much simplier.

Wings of Light. Made by PET plastic, i wonder what is it.

It appeared in rainbow color under the light, just like the back of a CD. Very beautiful indeed, and in some way Destiny Gundam won't be itself without this.

The downside is that it's too thin, less than 0.5mm, which makes it fragile.

PS: For those who plan to buy this, please, don't waste your money to buy it with RM300 or RM320. The price will drop to RM220 after the reissue version in december.

You will only get smarter along the way you collect. There's a price to pay in being smart in buying too.

I paid the price... :(


Anonymous said...

what do you mean by reissue?
i found ur blog by chance, noobie in gunplaa tho

Mike said...

oh. my mistake. my bad. i think what i meant was, the first batch available was through air, so it was more expensive. second batch onwards will be shipped so it would be a little bit cheaper. so no hurry, always wait for the stock which came by shipping, can save some. unless you're very impatient for it... :P


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