315# MG Destiny Gundam - Extreme Blast Mode

315# MG Destiny Gundam - Extreme Blast Mode

I told myself to finish this model kit in 3 days.

But i finish building it on the second day. I think i was a little bit too rush.

I skipped the lining of the inner frame, since it's not visible once the armors cover it up. Therefore i only markered a few exposed parts on the inner frame with the metallic marker.

Wednesday was our reproduction system assessment. In the evening went hang out with batchmates at midvalley and at night i started my work.

For the 3 hours i only managed to finish the head, torso and both arms. Was really exhausted because of the exam.

Yesterday i continued to build it. From 1pm to 7.30pm i sat there and it's finally done.

The backpack is less heavy then the MG Strike Freedom, which has 4 pairs of wings. There are only a sword, a beam cannon and a pair of lighter wings in Destiny. Therefore it can still stand by its own without the stand.

Downside is the pelvic joints is less strong due to the additional abduction joint at it. It's pretty good to have that mechanism to pose better for aerial action, but the designer should have strengthen that particular point.

More details of this Mobile Suit here.

Wings of Light.

Massive pieces of plastic with the thickness less than 0.5mm.

It appeared pink in color under normal light. And it shines with rainbow color when you look at different angle.

I took the photos with flash so that the wings can look more colourful.

"Arondight" anti-ship sword. Long, massive, extendable.

Other than the standard MG hand, an additional hand is given where it enables better grip at this sword. It's really big and the standard MG hand can't able to hold it tight.

M2000GX high-energy long-range beam cannon. The sensor and lower part extend out from the main body when the handle is twisted down.

That is because there's another mechanism working in the beam cannon that pushes the sensor and the lower part out. This particular part, M27 was weaken when i took it out twice because i fixed wrongly. That is really a sad case because that piece is the crucial part for this mechanism.

It didn't break, but weaken already so it can't grip on the other part well, therefore the slide out function is gone.

That's why, read the construction manual carefully. T.T

Solidus Fulgor" beam shield generator, mounted on both wrists.

Too bad there's only one pair given even though there are 5 hands given in this kit to change with each other. Therefore if you want to change the MG standard hand into the palm opened hand, you may need to take out this shield generator and put on the part you want to change.

The shield is clear, the color tone gives the effect as it is released from the generator. Not bad being a 0.5mm piece of PET plastic.

Other than the beam shield, there's actually a normal shield with Destiny. But as far as i could recall, i could hardly see this MS uses this shield in the anime.

Being a nuclear powered MS, there's no worry of power consumption with the beam shield. So i suppose that the physical shield is not really needed.

The shield is kind of small, but it can slide down into a bigger size and expose the red part in it.

MMI-X340 "Palma Fiocina" palm beam cannon.

Quite funny, being a melee weapon no one would expect this move will be visualised in such a way. The clear plastic part needs to be colored in order to make it look more real.

This takes out some space too because it's kind of long...

RQM60F "Flash-Edge 2" beam boomerang, mounted on shoulders, hand-carried in use.

There are 2 long and 2 short beams given for the boomerang, that's really generous. The clear effect parts can be fixed on the wrist and the boomerang to make the move of this MG throwing out the boomerang.

And again, it's better if this clear part is painted a little.

MA-BAR73/S high-energy beam rifle. And this is the default SEED pose.

A lot of people got bored of this pose though because it's been abused in most of the artworks of the Cosmic Era suits.

The rifle can be stored at the back, but the stand is on the way. Guess i need to unscrew the stand and turn it over to the front. But i afraid that the process of taking the stand out from the base would damage it, so i'll just leave it.

I don't want another stand to be broken again. A friend just broke my MG Hi-Nu's stand. In order to get another one i'd need to pay RM220 for it since the stand only comes with the model kit but not sold separately.

Size comparision with my handphone right there.

The box is of normal MG box size, unlike the massive MG Strike Freedom full burst mode's box size which as big as the Perfect Grade boxes.

Once the Wings of Light is applied, the model looked big and it takes out quite a lot of space. This is the 6th MG in my room and i'm running out of space. Therefore i'll need to take out the Wings of Light in order to display it.

That's it, next MG would be the Unicorn. May consider the 1/100 scale model of Exia.

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