316# Naomi 20

316# Naomi 20

Just got back from Sunway Hotel for Naomi's birthday. It's too late for a horror movie (haunted by Fobbiden Siren last night) therefore i decided to write this as a dedication to our comedy queen.

This is supposed to be a surprised party for her, organised by yum yao. But thanks to Noris who didn't aware of the situation, sms-ed her to apologize saying that he couldn't show up for her birthday party.

No more surprise, gone...

Mike customised ice cream type II - Vanilla chocolate chip + strawberry ice cream. Topped with chocolate chips, strawberrries, chocolate from the chocolate fountain and some berry syrup. Type I was given to tks.

I didn't know that the Sunway Tower Hotel and this hotel are two different building. I parked at the tower and realised that i was at the wrong building.

Luckily it wasn't too far away, just a walking distance to the hotel from the outside.

7.15pm i reached, some of them were already there waiting for the signal to hunt.

Quite a lot of us went, 31 people in total, too long to list.

We took 3 rolls of tables, nearly occupied the whole corner of the restaurant.

50% off for a buffet in Sunway Hotel was a good ideal. We paid less than Rm50 for the buffet which was quite not bad.

Standard buffet food expected, need not to mention.

But the variety is kind of little with respect to the amount of money people paying over there.

Anyway, there's only this much of food you can take in at one time, no point if you have unlimited types of food waiting for you. Example, Jogoya.

Seafood lasagna, teppanyaki, kebab roll... For me, these few stand out. Pretty delicious then the rest.

Yum Yao distributed these party hats to us to mess around.

You can wear it wherever, and however you want.

I wore 2 at a time on my chest, too bad i don't have the photo with me.

These three fellas really like to do funny poses. Can't expect the serious Han ying is in fact a person who likes to pose around.

The moment i took this picture, the image reminded me of something.

I took a picture of 3 of them together before.

Huh, May of this year we went to Mid valley and we had lunch in Dominos.

I actually took a picture of them where Han Ying's pose really pwned.

But actually she can do better than that.

Rabbit with horn.

Oh yeah.

They were playing a card game named "Bridge", which i could only barely get some idea. But never mind, will try to learn during our hospital posting at Kuala Kubu Bharu soon.

Chingli abusing the food.

See, some of us really wearing the hat even when we were eating.

I wore it out to take food as well on the back of my head.

A few of them came late, about 8 something or 9 because they were having a basketball match at semenyih.

Heard that got pwned by some international player who can slam dunk with both hands and swing on the ring.

They looked totally exhausted. The amount of food they took to recharge the aftermatch energy really freaked me out.

I didn't bring my camera there because i'm just plain lazy. I would like to be in photos instead of being a cameraman, too tired of it.

So sorry if i have sabotage you all in taking photos. I know i did. No offense but i just like to disturb for fun.

James threatened me not to post his photos on M106 blog with my ass-showing gay picture in his camera. Oh well, we all posed gay-ly so i think it doesn't matter.

Since i can't pose his picture on the M106 blog, but i can still do it here.

Here you go James, muahaha...

Regardless the poor quality of this picture, Naomi's big exophatalmus eyes are still very visible.

11.11pm (not exactly), cake cutting session.

Zher lin did a very good performance by singing a chinese song to Naomi. That was really sweet.

And the electricity got cut off once he finished singing the song...

2 big and 1 small candle, mistake. She claimed that she's 20, not 21.

I don't understand why everytime when i try to take pictures of people cutting cake, tks will sure be in the picture. I think this is more than just coincidental... lol.

Happy birthday Naomi. And... Get a boy friend soon. LOL.

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