313# Man in Work

313# Man in Work

Finally i can login into this.

My firefox browser didn't seem to work well for blogger, each time i attempted to login, the browser will just shut off by itself.

I don't know why. Only blogger page is affected. But never mind, hope it won't repeat again.

We will have our reproduction system assessment on next wednesday. First assessment that we have which is not held on friday.

I think this is going to be a hard one. Unlike for endocrine system where the whole batch managed to score A (160 A and 15 A-), i don't really think that we can score as high as we did for endocrine.

By the way, the endocrine paper was the first system that i passed. Thank godness.

The beginning of the conspiracy

Nothing much i can talk about since most of the times of my life is spent for studying.

Chan is approaching the god's level. Studied until 4.30am last night, and go sleep for an hour, wake up, and reached imu before 8am for the medical museum section class.

That's really insane. Regardless how much of stuffs i need to study, i'll still make sure that i have a least 4 hours of sleep.

Since he slept for only an hour the night before, this is what he became after the class at 9.30am in the library.

Really cannot tahan already...

When someone is dying of boredom, the level of sanity will really decrease until you won't able to tell who you are - and that drives you to do some stupid.

I don't have to name it, you will know who he is. Because there's only 1 fella around who will lose his sanity so easily.

No, wait. Is he really sane?

I'm not sure. LOL.

Can you tell what is this?

Really got nothing else to do....

At first i was wondering what he was trying to do. Until he completed the bar only i realised that was an internet explorer's download window.

And i named the downloading file as "Toyko Hot".

To add more sarcasm, he added "bukakke" in the file name.

Estimated time left of download is in fact days we have until the exam.

The picture.

So this is how it turned out to be.

A guy who slept for only 1 hour last night (Chan) taking a nap in the library.

With the download window showing the file that he downloading currently (not porn... no, no...) through sleep, with 5 days left to complete the process.

I don't think it's funny, it's just freaking lame.

Take picture first...

But it's kind of funny actually when you have 4 other people around you to laugh together to boost up the lameless..


After studying so much of pathology regarding the reproductive system, i came out with a conclusion:

I will not be a gynaecologist for sure.

You know why.

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