321# 1/100 GN 001 Gundam Exia - Part 3

321# 1/100 GN 001 Gundam Exia - Part 3

Sorry for my excessive gunpla post recently.

I think before i get the next MG, the MG unicorn, this will be the last gunpla post over here.

Before i leave exia to rest in standby mode in my room, i decided to take a few shots of it in aerial mode with its seven swords, since some of them out there required for some action photos.

View more and full size photo here.

For imu batchmates, you guys can skip this post. Lol.

Seven swords.

From top to down, left to right: GN sword, GN long blade and GN short blade, GN shield, beam daggers and beam sabers.

Only mobile suit i could think of who has such number of melee weapons.

Wonder why is there an 8th item? That's the GN shield. And not to forget, there's a beam rifle. But it's hidden inside the GN sword.

GN sword.

Huge, mean, excessive, aggressive. Main melee weapon used so far as we can see in the episodes.

I'd prefer this over the rest of the swords because of its big radius area covered.

GN long blade and GN short blade.

The pilot just received these blades last week according to the anime, lol.

It works with the vibrating particles on it. Same mechanism as the progressive knife used in Evangelion? Mounted at hips when not used.

Beam sabers.

Seems that beam weapons are made compulsory in nearly all the mobile suits designed since year 1979 to today.

Don't really like it since there are so many swords already. Mouted behind the arms when not used, at area between the tricep and bicep (?).

Beam daggers.

Didn't expect it to be used as ranged weapon. Because the theory of beam weapons' energy is supplied from the MS's hands doesn't seem to allow it to be throwed onto the targets.

After the discussions with the others and we came to this conclusion - the beam daggers act like the boomerang, where they have internal battery with them. Therefore the beam will still be active even they leave the MS for seconds.

Mounted at the buttock when its not used. I found this kind of funny though.

Beam rifle. Well hidden in the GN sword which i always forget its existence.

Hardly used in the show because it's still a melee combat MS indeed. By judging its gun barrel length (i don't think that's a barrel though) the ranged covered by the rifle shouldn't be very far.

And also the GN shield mounted at the left hand. Kind of small. The end looks sharp. Wonder if it could used to stab the target...

Exia with full weapons.

Kind of satisfied with this model kit even though it's not given any grade. But by quality wise it's equivalent to the High Grade. Look wise i'd day it nearly looks like a Master Grade.

The stand doesn't come with the model kit by the way. Sold separately with the price of RM23 - RM30.

For more huger and meaner pictures, they are all available here. I included some closed up shots as well. Take note that this is a Out-Of-Box product which only panel lining, stickers and markers are applied.

There's no putty, glue, sanding, crafting, spraying, coating or any kind of modification involved. Because i'm just a 1 year old collector...

Alright, taking a gunpla hiatus before i get my hands on the MG unicorn. Not too long actually. 3 weeks i guess. Now, concentrate for the Renal System.

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