317# 21 x 3

317# 21 x 3

This week could be the week where i attended the most times of birthdays in my life.

Went for Naomi's one on last saturday as the previous one mentioned, and there's another one on sunday.

But this one is a little bit different, don't have to travel too far away since it was just at a friend's house.

This cake from Beryl's look funky. The chocolate topping looks like noodles where i nearly get some to eat with my chopsticks.

I'm not sure whether the flowers and leaves are edible or not. Someone tried it and it was tasteless. Plastic?

Happy 21st Darren.

I called Chan to buy a cake there since we have no time to get anything for him. It's quite cool to have 2 cakes to cut with on your birthday.

I just remembered that i actually cut a cake last year, with my face slammed onto the cake.

I took a break on Monday, and tuesday there was another friend's birthday.

Kelf has just turned 21, too.

No fancy party or funky cake, we just went to OUG for a dinner.

Kelf, Harry, Toilet, Roney, Kien Wei, Tks, Chan, Tucky and me.

When 9 of us put together, the only word you can think with could possibly be "DoTA".

But hey, i have quited playing as well as Chan. We played only once during Reproduction system. Now we bertaubat already.

A break on Wednesday, and Thursday, which is today, Roney turned 21 too.

A few of us went Mid valley to celebrate his birthday.

A very hearty meal we had, and this time we have a very funky cake.

Precious moment. Kind of hard to capture a picture when someone is cutting a cake with a smile, for my phone...


Actually i knew that the trick of "going out to buy something" for sure was to get a cake in fact, but hey, how could you celebrate a birthday without a cake?

Oh yeah, i did this year.

Although the ice cream cake was small, but it was harder than you could ever imagine.

Actually we should have took it out from the box to thaw it for a while before cutting it.

Tucky was trying hard to cut the cake into pieces for us. But using the knife in the restaurant wasn't really a good idea...

Because it will break somehow.

No, not the body of the knife itself, but the handle of the knife.

This shows how well dry ices in the box can freeze the cake well.

During the way back, i was kind of rush and i missed the exit to seremban from the car park. I ended up heading to bangsar.

Had an adventure in the car looking for direction for about 1 hour, and we reached subang. Actually i could use the LDP way back to imu to drop roney and kien wei off, but i choosed the kesas way which is more secure. Had to pass 2 Kesas toll though.

Took me 2 hours to reach home. Tired.

I guess there's no more birthdays anymore right? Lol.

Happy birthday to all of you all.

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