319# 1/100 GN 001 Gundam Exia - Part 1

319# 1/100 GN001 Gundam Exia - Part 1

Intro of info

Really, sometimes i should just stop reading reviews about the recent model kit.

From somewhere over the internet, i was linked to this page.

The blog is kind of cool where the modeller shows parts of the model kits to modify and comparisons with respect to something... etc.

I had no intention to buy the 1/100 exia at all since soon or later it's going to be released in MG format. But heck, from the review i learnt that this 1/100 scale model has so much of improvement and it's even approaching MG level!

In the end, after the lecture at 6.30pm...

I went to buy it...

Since it's just a 1/100 scale model instead of an MG, therefore the price is also lower, at 2,300 yen. Supposedly RM70. But of course we must bear the tax, transport fee from japan and the profit from the seller need to earn, i bought it for 2,682 yen, which is still reasonable.

Saw somewhere selling it at 3,206 yen. That's too high for me.

There's no stress at all building an ungraded model. Unlike the MG models, a lot of parts are made for its complexity.

But somehow, this 1/100 model is approaching the MG format models in the sense of its proportion, outlook and posibility.

Of course, i got to know all these only after reading the review. Realyl shouldn't have read them. Evil.

10 frames only in total.

Unlike the MG models where the frames are bigger, more parts, and could have up to 20 frames in total.

I guess i'm able to finish building it in one night. But only the straight build only though. Since i do panel lining and markering (if necessary) along the way of building, guess i can't finish it by tonight.

Because it's already 10.33pm right now...

I was wondering how could be light blue parts be in this model.

Surprisingly those parts are made by TPF rubber. Not bad though, only rubber i came across in the model kit are the polycaps, which made from PC rubber.

This TPF rubber is softer and lighter than the PC rubber by the way. Of course, it doesn't need the strenght unlike the PC rubber situated for the joints.

Manual and an extra piece of paper with the prototype of exia.

Dengki hobby magazine Febuary issue of 2008 is giving the parts for the HG 1/144 exia to convert it into this prototype model.

Sounds cool. A must buy issue for sure. Once i get it, only i will consider to get the HG or not. Because i already have the 1/100 right now. Plus most likely exia will be released in MG format.

In the end, i'd be having 3 different grades and 2 different scales of exia!

PS: Renal system is gone. Not studying.

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