325# Renal Failure

325# Renal Failure

Another system assessment has ended.

One exam per month is been a norm for us in the university.

It's normal to see each of everyone study hard before exam, get stressed up before exam, and tulan after exam.

The tulaness may stay for quite sometime until you find something to distract yourself. Playing Dota is no longer the way to solve this therefore we are not practicing it since few months ago.

We went to mid valley tried to catch a movie. While on the way there, in the car, i spotted this in front of me.

At the back of the vehicle written "In situ".

Comon man, give me a break. Just finished from exam but for no reason this medical related term appeared in front of me. And it was at the back of a vehicle some more! What the heck was that supposed to mean? A brand?

After we got rid of this car, we saw another funny thing (supposedly) hap pend on the road. I asked chan who was on the wheels to stick closer so that i could get a clearer picture of it. But apparently i failed to do so.

But anyway...

Knn... Yaya right... that car was chasing some robber... A robber who stole semi value's book.

Reached at mid valley with the car parked at the Gardens. The parking fee costed me RM4 since it's counted by hour. Wonder if the parking at mid valley is charged at a lower rate.

If it does i'll freaking complain at them man. Consumers find no parking at mid valley and got led to parking at the Gardens without knowing, have to pay a higher price of parking fee, plus, and have to walk across the road to mid valley.


Didn't realise that Christmas is near until i see this huge Christmas tree at the Gardens. Sigh, another money robbing festival has come where some of them spend on extra stuffs for no apparent reasons.

After that only i realised that i have not buy anything yet for the gift-exchanging event of my university. Oh yes, i've joined and becoming one of them...

And please don't look down of me because of that.

Apparently mid valley is having the same decoration too. It looked more colorful then the Gardens' ones actually. And we could see lots of them stand in front of those artificial tress with funny inorganic fruits hangin' and it, and forced their parents/friends to take picture of that.

I actually wanted to do so too.

Kind of regret now, hope it will still be there during my next visit. If i'm going there again.

Movies like "Enchanted", "Golden compass" or "Hitman" failed to attract us so we planned to spend longer time to eat instead of watching movies.

Sushi king can be quite cheap if you make full use of your handphone. By RM3.50 the mobile voucher gave us 50% off for all plate sushi. Good deal.

Too bad i over-estimated myself. My record is 12 plates of sushi. But maybe post exam syndrome turned my appetite down and i only managed to swallow 5 plates. That was not so mike at all.

Instead, my friends ate like mad since everything is 50% off, by excluding charges of sushi of equivalent or sushi of lower prices. 3 of us ate 25 plates plus ordered the not-so-delicious takoyaki was just RM75++.

Really wasted because i didn't eat as much as i could.

Could eat up to 8 plates if my condition wasn't that bad.

Barney escaped from your little cousin's tv screen to patrol in mid valley.

It's kind of scary when you have friends who mad about books.

I was fortunate enough to have both of book maniacs with me today. Instead of wasting time watching a movie, we went to the MPH.

The amount of time we spent in the bookstore was actually more than enough to finish a movie in the cinema.

Chan's Rm48.50 comic book.

I don't buy books. I bought dan brown's collection series and i'm still yet to finish the remaining 2 books.

But this time i really got me something from the bookstore. One book for my selective (literature) and another one which i'd like to read even though i have watched the movie (badly rated though, hannibal rising).

Why am i buying books? After renal course, the one month of selectives is free from exam. And i have no gunpla to fix with for the moment, recharging my soul and my wallet's soul, therefore i need something to kill time. Revise cardiovascular system too.

All 3 of us bought something from the bookstore. But i wouldn't spend RM50 for a comic book like what chan did...

PS: No exam in december, january and february. I'll be freaking bored...


:) said...

in situ is oil and gas consultant compnay lah... :D

Mike said...

lol. thanks for telling. didn' know bout it :P


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