307# Welcome to the Endocrine system

307# Welcome to the Endocrine system

Finally, after almost 2 months of break, 3 months without lectures, we're back to the lecture hall again for the fourth semester, started with the endocrine system.

The so called honey moon semester, because there's isn't any major exam but only 3 system assessments aka the minor exams on each month. Plus there's rotation posting and selectives.

Endocrine system, renal system, and reproduction system.

To be honest, i think i might dislike the reproduction system the most.

Although it might seemed to turn you on in some way, but i just dislike it because it's so complicated. Although we haven't start this system yet, but i just have that feelings. Endocrine is so far ok by the way.

Was surprised to see the pimped up lecture hall 2. Brand new seats, carpet, wall deco, and the projector is moved to the centre of the hall so that the people sit at the left wont hurt their neck.

I guess the projector screen is changed bigger too, which is a good thing for me since i sit at the second last row.

The number of students in the hall isn't same as before. I could see a lot of empty seats which supposed to be seated by those who i know.

Apparently there're a few of them who didn't survive for the resit exam. For those who were retaking the semester, they didn't make it for the exam, they have to leave.

For those who were taking the resit, they didn't make it, they have to retake the semester.

And i think there are more than 10 of them not with us anymore. Sad.

It could be a curse or something, where nearly all of the people who used to sit at the back row didn't make it for this semester.

I sat at the second and third back row, so maybe i was avoided from that curse.

Zakhir is the only one sitting at the back row now. His members are all gone.

Most of us turned to be nocturnal during the break so we need time to adjust ourselves back to daylight activities.

It isn't a big trouble for me since lectures starts at 4pm, and pbl, csu all start around 10.30am or earliest 8.30am, so wish i could be enough of sleep during this semester.

I always try to wake up at 8am and get to imu at 10am to study. Too bad it's too hard for me where i always snooze the alarm and wake up at 9am or worst, 10am in the end.

Some of them who never go library go to the library now to study, and come out with questions regarding lectures to frighten me off...

I feel so left behind now, didn't study much lately. Should i blame for the schedule?

Break is over and it's time for the dash.

The next break will be one year after this.

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