308# Wear and Tear

308# Wear and Tear

It's been more than 2 years, since the day i graduated from Taylor's A levels.

At the same time, it's been more than 2 years since the last time i shop for my casual wears.

Ever since i finished my A levels, i have no interest to look for casual wear anymore, since i can't wear them in the imu. Therefore i only buy those which are more formal and suit the so called dress code in imu.

Because of that, i always wear the same t shirts and 3/4 pants wherever i go. The 3/4 pants i got from U2 2 years ago was the only casual short pants i have until now.

I did bought same other short pants for casual wears though, but those didn't turn out to be as comfortable as the U2 ones.

It's just me, for being tall and thin.

2 years has passed. Those casual wears that i bought since college days can no longer cover me up anymore. I started to grow horizontally.

GG no remake, seriously.

Therefore i was forced to do a massive shopping to replaced those which are GG-ed.

I never looked so funny to have 5 plastic bags with me. Look like an Aretha (shopaholic).

I used to hang around a lot in the mall to eat, watch movie, hang out, but never, shop. Today was the very first time i have so many things to buy.

It was really critical. Could you imagine i wore a pair of jeans to mamak last night? That pair of jeans is the only one left which i can wear right now. Actually there's another long pants still can be wore though.

But anyway, going mamak without revealing shins looks so wrong... And i freaked my friend out for not wearing the usual pants.

I wore that pants to everywhere. Wore that for road trip for 5 days, never change. Basically, everywhere. Thus there's a very strong dependance to it already now. Bet that you have seen i wear that for more than 789 times.

Plus my basketball shoe was officially no remake on the independance day eve. And the leather shoe i wear to uni need to retire too from servicing me for the past 2 years.

Actually my list just stops there, leather shoe, basketball shoe, and a 3/4 pants. But as usual i will visit to fantasy shop to see is there any CDs to buy.

I didn't expect anything from there, since my wallet is extremely dry. The latest album i want is Dimmu Borgir's In Sorte Diaboli, which i already downloaded through Bit Torrent.

I know it's bad to do illegal downloads but it's hard to get these kinda CDs locally. But hey, Fantasy music store brings in these black metal CDs!

They have quite a lot of CDs from this genre, but sadly Gothic metal CDs from sweden, norwegian are never been seen.

Have to buy it, since i spotted the original CD.

Really didn't expect to see this - Korn's 8th studio album!

Damn, since when they released this?

I asked the lady when they brought in this CD. Ok, 3 weeks ago. But i really didn't aware of its release. Just checked from wiki, it was already out on july.

July, that was when we were sitting for our finals.

In the end, i have to spend extra for these...

Before i left, i remembered that i saw Neon Genesis Evangelion's manga at the comic shop. Not a shop already for the moment but they moved to the outside.

The chances of getting this manga locally or buying online is close to zero. No, it's zero. I've been looking and asking for this manga since year 2000 until now but it's nowhere to be seen.

And finally, China is doing a great job in fusing 9 chapters of this manga into 2 books! 4 pages of the manga in one page... Therefore it's squeezed into a smaller size, but still can be read.

From what i know only 9 volumes are released, but wiki says 11, anything. And could you imagine this manga is being drawn since year Febuary of 1995 until now? See how old your little nephew is already right now. This manga hasn't finish yet regardless the anime has ended for 11 years.

Anyway, i'm happy with this manga. Although i have to pay a lot for it, but that would be the only chance i could buy it. No choice.

Spent a lot today, worth more than one Perfect Grade. I'm officially broke right now.

I just realised something weird in the receipt when i was checking them. A receipt from the doggie shoe shop.

Race C

What the hell is that for?

Surveying racial preference towards shoe models?


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