9# All Hope in Eclipse

9# All Hope in Eclipse

Just now i saw my fren's msn nick put as "phy bully me"... and i was wondering what the hack was tat about. Oh shit, semester 2 results are out. I tot it'll take 2 weeks time, but it's out.
I went and check ASAP, and i got the god damn results as i expected...

Maths 83, A
Chemistry 55, D
Biology 52, D
Physics 42, F

Holly shit.. this is the every first time i failed my exam without considering Thinking Skills paper... Damn it man...

Btw.. many of them did not attend to the semester 2 exams... Bcoz we got no time at all to study. 2 weeks time to cover everything up we learnt within half a year? No way man, this is kinda impossible for me. Physics's failure is already being predicted, as i din answer most of the ques. The moment i received the paper, my mind went blank entirely... Chem n Bio i've tried my best, what to do... Maths, thank God la... first time got an A for formal paper...

This semester 2 exam will not be held from july04 intake onwards, unfair...!!!!
Nvm la, assume it as a dessert after AS final...

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