2# Mental Stimuli

2# Mental Stimuli

I shall go for futsal today... just bcoz i hurt my legs last week, due to lacking of sport. Sorry la Justin, hope u guys got enuf kaki... Now, nothing to do...Just went to my fren, William's place to lepak.

I did something really instructive... make self-pirated Vcds... haha.Actually i did try to burn a video Cd by myself.but thx to my 166MHz desktop, cant even encode the videos, damn.And william's desktop, 1.7GHz, is like never been touched b4, i used it to burn a Vcd...And it works! Damn it man... i can watch my mpeg videos by using tv... somehow some of the videos cant play probably due to some errors occured during encoding and burning.Cant play WMV also la. Most of my Mika Nakashima videos r all in WMV format... shit la.But it doesnt matter la, as long as i can make it to tv.

it's totally different from watching the music videos in the com than in the tv.Really different...Feel so high to watch it in the tv, and the resolution is still high and clear...When the cd played to some.. ermm... skip la... my fren's baby nieces were there watching too... argh...
When i think further, i can make great money by the vcd that i've burn.We r not goin to find those uncensored, ultra-violent, devious, and porn music video in the market, or even in the black market.So if i pass this homemade vcd to my frens, who work with those pirated vcds, then... hehe.I think i'll get rich la, haha...

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