17# Dude, you are legal now...

17# Dude, you are legal now...

I got one brada, Wei-Jin, 17 goin 18 tmr...Can say as my twin brada...Dunno why most of the ppl can't differentiate between both of us.Ya, we are tall, we are with specs...now i'm back with short hair, look more a like...But i think Ms Ko is not goin to mistaken us in the class dy rite...Since she had taught us for a year...

Jojo worte : Jin, u r oways in my mind, no matter u r 18 or 80!
Mike worte : Jin, u r still the man, no matter u r 18 or 80, stay cool brada!

Jojo and i bought a novel from MPH today for this guy...wrote sentences above in the book... sentimental rite... hehe.

Goin to meet them in Midvalley tmr on 11am.11am la... aiks.
Take car to ktm station, 15 minutes.
Ktm to KL sentral , 1 hour.
KL sentral to Midvalley, couple of minutes.
Total time including waiting for train, about 2 hours...
Sigh, damn scared to go to MV la.
Staying Klg memang hard go lepak at KL...S
zubang is still the best la.
Everytime also take KTM to coll, biasa dy.
So i need to wake up about 7.30am... Sure sleep la in the train...

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