6# Death Race for the Systems

6# Death Race for the Systems

Caution: Sensitve Issues, read at ur own risk.

Everytime i've to consider which course shud i study, and which university shud i plan to go. Everytime ppl asked me, "Why r u taking MUET?"... Well, i'm not planning to go overseas. I'm not tat kind of rich la pls... Furthermore, I'm planning to take medicine, and it's not cheap to study overseas... A medic course in australia for 5 years will cost more than 600k, tat's really a very huge number for me... Well, this amount of money will be enuf numbers of ppl to study business... If i take loan from the government, how many years it'll take for me to finish my dues? Let say i earn 6k a month in the future, amount to pay back is 3k a month, then it'll take me 200 months to pay back without considering the interests. Which is more than 16 years. Wow... i think by tat time by childrens are already in secondary schs already.

My results for sure is not goin to make into the govern U... One who can enter into govern U must have a very very excellent result, by considering the skin's lamda as well. I have to say this. it's really a matter who u r. Some of them can enter govern U with 2 or 3 As, or with no As instead. And some of them with 5As or more cant even make it. Well, this is damn clear for everyone about how this contrast occured. My fren saw a scholarship list b4, those ppl are able to receive scholarship with 2 or 3 As in SPM...

But somehow we cant do anything for this unf**r treat. This is our price to pay to stay in ppl's place. They would do anything to protect their status, include their status in the government. Tat's why they r allowed to have more than 1 w***. They claimed tat this is supported by their r*******. Well, my opinion is they would like to have more v***** in the future by increasing their populations, in order to defend their status.

No matter who got the most votes, it doesnt seem to have any difference for me. It doesnt matter who are sitting in the parliament, the social will not change. I think if i'm dating with a gal in a garden, I will not hold the gal's hand. Who the hell noes out of a sudden i'll get summonsed? The better contrast to see is by the view of income taxes. We are paying more than them, by considering the ratio of population as well. And where do the money go? Health, and education...
Health, the money is used in the GH. Once one need to have urgent treatment, he needs to wait for a damn long time. Queue up ma what to do? When the condition is really urgent and no more delay is allowed, u can see some pictures about those patients in the newspaper. "Money needed for operation".. and those kind of stuffs. In the end this patient is still have to rely on the others' money to get the medical treatments. Cant wait for GH anymore and forced to go to the PH. Well, if u r someone special, u will get treated ASAP... This is what i can see in the paper. Once they r recovered, they r in the paper. And the others who are in the paper are those who needed attention. This is what we got from what we've paid. This is FAIR.

Education, GS get the money. And the govern never give any piece of shits to the C secondary schs. And we cant see any secondary T schs... Well the C can be held is of coz by the support of students' tution fees. and about the buildings, via the donations from the social. I've seen may C schs in my place. If u donate money to the sch, once the building is built, they will have LAU CHIE MING Building, words like tat on it. On each of the individual sponsored buildings. My secondary sch, the govern sch named SMK kampong jawa, is just a piece of shit. WE got no basketball fields there. Bcoz basketball is mostly played by C fellas, and the C students in the sch is just about that 10%. So who the hell in the sch bother about it? As long as their ppl got their football field and futsal field, everything other than tat will be ignored. Nearby the SMKKJ there's a secondary I sch. Damn mfking big with big hall, big blocks and big fields. And some where around there's KISAS, named Kolej I****... someone's name. My fren been there for some inter sch match. According to him, they hv projectors in all the classrooms and the hall is damn mfking cun. Well, my SMKKJ's hall is just a row of classrooms. And just bcoz they are KISAS and with the alphabet "I" in their sch name, they deserved everything. This is FAIR too.

There's too much to me to take to leave in ppl's place. Maybe these are the deals, just forget everything i stated above. Alrite, tat's fine. Luckily everyone in here is able to tolerant, and this is very supported. PEACE.

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