11# Silence Upon the Wicked Moon

11# Silence Upon the Wicked Moon

Everyone asked me, how am i goin to spend xmas in this year. Well, I'm not a christian anyway but it's a international festival, guess i shall have some programmes and spend the day nicely.

Last year's xmas i spent my whole day at my exgf's place, din go anyway to celebrate also... and at night received a xmas gift from her... tat's all... Aiks. I shall not think of tat. it's a past tense.

And this year... thx to my buddy William, i'm goin to the church near my place to spend my xmas nite. I got no idea what will be held over there, maybe just some worship or choir things... Whatever... as long as i got something to do la.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Enjoy ur celebrations.

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