8# Taylors College, 888

8# Taylors College, 888

This morning i received a very weird sms from taylors college... posted 2.57am. The content is...

" Student-Get-Student Scheme. Get RM500 for every student you introduce who enrols in the Jan 2005 intake in TCSJ. Terms & Conds apply."

Wo... TC memang pandai korek $... They're earning millions each year... or even more than tat. For Cambridge Advanced Level students, we are paying 20k for the course... 20k la, shit la. That's a big money. I dunno what the hack is the students service fees for, RM200 in each semester. Apa tu la? Toilet visit fee is it? We pay RM0.20 for a toilet visit in Sunway Pyramid, so if i have RM200, i can go to the toilet for 1000 times. Mmm... it means that I must use the toilet in college more than 8 times a day and use as much toilet paper as i can. Ya man... and...btw I dun see the student council brought any advantage to the students. And we are paying RM600 without any feeback in these 3 semesters.

Library fee, RM200 each semester. Is it reasonable? I hv no idea... I seldom go to the library to borrow books... sometimes la. and i din noe the way to return the book borrowed, and then i got fined for RM6.50.... there goes by lunch... haha, sad case. Well, i go library quite often. Of coz la, use the com to check frenster, hehe. And print guitar tabs... 100 pages per year, how r the CAL students goin to spend it? We aren't like SAM students, we dun hv to do assignments, so we dun need to print stuffs from the library. SAM students finished their quota quite early and they needed to buy more for it... CAL students dun hv to kiss lecturers' asses also, ya man. OK, tis is not related...

I almost finished my quotas by printing tabs. So i used my frens quota to print more. My frens they would like to finish thier quota by me, instead of giving back to TC. They earned a lot leh come on... I din hv anything to print at that moment, so i just print some jap gals wallpapers and some goth shits... damn man. Need to go to the printers' side at get the papers ASAP b4 it are seen by ppl, hehe. or else i'll get screwed by the "mountains" in the library. Hehe... u noe wat i mean...

Kesimpulanya, dengan claim-claim yang saya bentangkan above, saya bolen menconcludekan bahawa TC telah manyak untung drpd student-studentnya. Btw, money tu tak penting. The most important benda is hah... kita dapat study kualiti yang baik dan forecast yang cantik untuk apply ke university... ya ya. TC rawks...!!!

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