3# Frozen Heart Throb

3# Frozen Heart Throb

Skipped my guitar class today... went to Sedaya, UCSI to check out the medicine course... They are still new, new campus... actually they moved from somewhere which is very ULU la... I dun feel like goin there, my dad called me to go, to gather more info... so... Personally i think IMU is better la, all for Medicine course only ma.. Tat UCSI... got many courses... all mixed up. So i think tat it wont be so good as IMU somehow.

My sister's bf fetch me n my sister there... Go check out the medicine course... The counselor is the professor for medicine program in UCSI. A Negro... Actually i dun quite get what was he talking about... Still ok... Bcoz i could hear some hiphoper rappin'.. aiks... Now USCI is competing with IMU in medicine courses, so they'll try to offer anything better than them..

For me, nothing special, everything is just same as expected. The only thing is the library fees are refundable, wo... Actually the campus is scattered into blocks, damn troublesome la... Lecture halls, library.. diff blocks. The best thing i was over there was they got lots of practice rooms. What i mean is for musical students, they offer musical course there. The practice rooms are all equipped with wall pianos... wow. cool la. I think if i study medic over there, my heart will be hung with the musical course instead. Damn.

One of my fren is goin back to her hometown... Hope she can come back soon to call me out for yamcha-ing... K, i wait..!!

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