109# To be me

109# To be me

It might be hard for me to sleep tonight.

Could not resist the temptation of mocha frappucino and it costed me 30% of a CD price...Walking alone for nothing in bukit raja mall. Looking those shops closing... it was already 11pm, of cause they were closing la.

Saw Nicholas Tse's old album, "Reborn". Made me thought of something. I used to listen to this guy's songs because of her. And i borrowed this album cassette from her. Just to know her better.

I went out to pay the ticket. Man! Freaking long queue. Everyone was moving back and paying the ticket at last minute.

While standing and wait patiently for my turn, i saw someone waved at me. She covered her mouth with her sweater, only able to see her eyes.

Ok, it was her. I confirmed when i saw her new piece beside her. I know that guy, my primary schoolmate. I just nodded and continue drinking my venti mocha frappucino. And i sure that the sweater was not the one that i bought for her from giodano.

Suddenly i tasted a little bit of desperado in my frappucino.

Well, first time i saw her with her new piece dating. And it was already 11pm something, she still hanging out around, bad.

Walked away without looking back after i paid. Trying to act cool. But when i walked for 20m away, i looked back a bit, see whether they look at me or not. Could not see anything, too far i'd walked! Damn it...

Officially 15 months since the day i ended our story. I was kind of bad la, so i can't blame shit because new relationship is too far away for me.

Mike, you suck.

Both of us belong to two different world. She deserves better. And hope they will be happy ever after...

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