102# Hospital Attachment - Phase 1

102# Hospital Attachment - Phase 1

Day 1,2,3 - Emergency Department

Most of the interesting things that i could see were in the emergency department. Everytime when an ambulance came, the posters will carry the patient into the emergency room. The nurses will first do those things that they supposed to do, like putting in the needle for injections, etc. And then the doctor will come and examine.

I stood a side like a lamp post. Doctor Chalvan was quite friendly, he told me about what was wrong with the patient, and how he supposed to do and things like that... One of the specialist who came to the ER today was quite good too. He encourages me a lot to study medicine as well as Doctor Chalvan. But somehow there was a doctor did not really encourage the young generation now to pick up medicine since the competition is getting greater and greater...

I was not allowed to communicate, contact the patients. Somehow i was allowed to assist the nurses to carry, move the patient and send those patients by wheel chair or bed... The first and the second day did not have much urgent cases. Today the third day got more. So time when i was free, i sat a side and sleep... I was damn exhausted as i had to wake up at 6.25am daily. Need to consider the time for traffic jam as well so that i can reach at 8am on time.

Within these 3 days i saw different kind of patients...

- Old man who got the so-called "Stone" in him. I do not know what is the exact term for the stone la, haven't reach that state to understand yet.

- A stinky old man in coma. Lots of nurses and two doctors were trying to save. I do not know what happened to that patient, heard in the end he "go there" la. I'm not sure whether what i heard was regarding this case or not. Not too sure to talk about.

- A man who got electric shock, the in and out of the current were at both of his palms. I did not know that when a person got electric shock, there'll be two injuries. One is the entrance of the current to a person's body, mostly hand. And the other one is where the current escapes from the body, it can be anywhere. According to the clinical nurse specialist who explained these to me, she said there was a case where the current escaped from the bladder of the victim. Imagine that, scary...

- A little boy who got no visible injury came for CT scan. This kid banged his head onto the Cefiro's windscreen after the sudden brake of the car. The windscreen broke, but he got no visible injury at his head, without feeling any dizziness and losing his conscious. This kid could still play around, power oh... His CT scan was normal. Miracle right? Memang kepala keras.

- A little girl with measles, looked to pitiful yet so scary... Thought now everyone already taken those doses to prevent from measles?

- Old lady with breathing difficult - That was my friend Steven's future mother-in-law... Finally meet him back after form 5. And that old lady sells Bak Kut Teh at my area! I never go there and eat la so i did not know.

- And a lot more that i'm lazy to list out and i could not remember...

So far i think job of a frontline is quite fine. But before i could reach at that state of cause i would need to suffer the 5 years like in Hell. But now the main problem is to enter IMU. It is very competitive and i heard from the doctor that someone got in the waiting list, waited for a year for response... What the heck man, i hope this won't happen on me. Somehow i still have an alternative, to have biotech and biomedic double degree at Monash. But the risk of work opportunities are equal in both field isn't it?

Tomorrow i'll be going to the haemodialysis and clinics department. I guess it will not be as interesting as in the ER. Well, i'm going to stay at that department for 4 days. Now still have 16 days to go for my attachment... Got to apply faster la, i do not want to be in the waiting list...

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