105# Hospital Attachment - Phase 2

105# Hospital Attachment - Phase 2

I thought i had no problem seeing at those gory, flesh and blood situations. But in fact i was wrong. Watching videos from Cradle of Filth did not help much... I got a chance to get a closed up view to a patient's surgery in the ER. The kid's head got an injury and must be stitched.

The wound was quite serious, about 3cm long. I went close to view. The surgeon stitch the wound and the nurse aide cut the stitches, together with a porter holding the kid's head.
I could not make any noise as everyone needed to concentrate. Thus my breathing rate was quite slow...

I looked at it about minutes, suddenly i felt like shorting of breathe. I went out. When i was walking out of the ER, my view was just fulled of stars. My vision was damn blur, and it was the sign of lacking of oxygen at the brain as i felt it before during sport. I sat down to chill.

I knew what was wrong with me. I could not stand the sight of the wound being flipped by the pincette, stabbed by the needle and so on. In the other words, i almost fainted. When i had chilled enough, i dared myself to get in again.

I went in, stood at the previous position, convinced myself to overcome my fear. And again, mentally i could not stand it. I went out of the ER, walking with a fast pace and get myself a seat to chill down.

Crap, it was the first time i witness a minor surgery in front of me. I told my problem to the surgeon, and he answered:

"The first time you looked at it, you'll feel like fainting. The second time you will feel the same. The third time you'll feel better. And the fourth time you'll feel like doing it!"

Wo... great answer i have ever heard. This surgeon specialist did convinced me to study medicine, he is a very nice guy.

I told my sister about it. She said sometimes they got no enough of rest and eating. And when they went practical for surgery, if there is a diabetis patient, the smell will be really bombastic. There were students who puked and fainted. And so... anyway this problem will still be faced later.

And i went for haemodialysis, CCU, paediatric ward, male ward, physiotherapy unit... Everything was just fine and i think it's enough for me. Somehow, there are still 2 weeks to go...

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