103# Profanity brought her Popularity.

103# Profanity brought her Popularity.

From the first time i saw her blog's link in She Fong's one, i already felt kind of weird. And days ago i found the same thing in Josh's blog, my curious brought me a whore... or more accurately, a person who is worse than a whore that more than a few people think.

Personally, i don't think that it's bad to blog it that way, that is just one of those ways that a person would like to record their thoughts and life. And maybe the verbal diarrhoea in her blog is kind of special, therefore people noticed it, read it, spread it, and vote it... And thus her blog got awarded for two years. And maybe for this year too...

I was damn shocked to know that there are actually awards for blogs... Damn it man, i was too outdated. So far i've read some of her classic entries and there're certain conclusion that i could draw :

1 - Her diahoerra is just straight forward, no corners.
She would shit out what she thinks and what she likes. I do not mind that she critiqued about Msia, even i do so. Taken as a critique from a tourist, as a msian we should take note of the critiques. I know Msia sucks la, i never say that Msia is good. But thank god that i'm not in iraq la, or else i'll need to be either c********** or wrapped inside out like a mummy.

2 - Her words are strong - with different foul languages. Basically i do speak those languages and slang that she does, so i could understand all the damned words she used in her blog. Like everyone of us know, started with F, or shit, KNN, CCB, CBK, KNNBCCB... for you all who do not know hokkien and wish to understand what are those words about, please ask me personally. Somehow her profanity brought her the popularity.

3 - Her topics are sensitive - I read those entries that made me to laugh me ass out. For those who read, do you think that 3+2 is too long? That was about 24 damn it! Even the most astonishing that i knew was just 2+3, about 19. What the heck was she talking about all these? Is she really a lesbian? She used her N8910 to rape Samsung phone upside down inside out, and that was really nasty.

4 - The real her sucks - The main image in her blog looked nice right. But if you look on more detail, i think 30% of the whole picture had been edited by photoshop.
Bleached, slimmed, polished, shone by the computer effects. If you compare that picture to the other normal pictures that she uploaded for her entries, you will think that the aunt stays beside you is definitely looks better.
For the Hell's sake she edited her picture inside out. I thought she was a beautiful person, but apparently i had made the biggest mistake. I am not implying that it's not right to edit it, but i think it's just too fake to wear a mask in such a way.

I do not understand how would she came out with such long entries. Maybe she is a full time blogger who type her thoughts, check her blog, check her mail at all times. And she got donation from those blogders to support her life. Quite good isn't it? I'm wondering how much she got paid by that... walao eh my dog...

Overall my final conclusion is that, she is not a whore at all. But she is just a little bit slutty, bitchy, seductive and looks like a vamp. And she really dare to speak out her mind through her blog, and public do get the attention.

A new revolution of bloggers has begun... Yes, blog more.

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