107# Regrets

107# Regrets

"Are you sure you want to do medicine?"

Jojo called me and asked. Well, i'm 95% sure now. If i don't work as a doctor, it will be the biggest regret in my whole life.

The first regret for me is not learning piano since young. When i was 6, my dad found piano instructor for my sister. But my sister naughty a bit, so she refused. That time my music senses were not awaken, so i never bother about music, yet.

When i was 10, my dad bought my sister an old electric piano. Everyone of us played and we got bored very fast... and my sister stopped learning piano because of her A levels.

Before that she played acoustic guitar when i was 13. Soon the guitar was abandoned, and so i picked it up. Due to the influence of Korn when i was 16, i started to play that old acoustic guitar... But acoustic sound is so far different from Korn's electric 7 strings K7 noise, so i decided to get an electric guitar.

Finally, after SPM i got a set of electric guitar which was quite costy. To be honest, i dislike classical songs that i'm learning from classes. Boring... Technically i play through hearing but still, my theory sucks. Is it because of i'm a left handed?

In the future, if i'm not working as a doctor, life will be meaningless. Life as a doctor is complexed but yet significant. Standing at the frontline and help those who need help is really great ain't?

The second target in my life, or dream we called, is to have a studio at home. If one day i move to a bigger house, i'll try to get a studio... Imagine, other than study room, gym room, AV room and we have studio at home, super great right?

Having a huge room, with all these gears:

Ibanez K5 bass, GRG axes, Messa Boggie, Marshall amplifier, Boss pedals, Zoom effects...
walao, dream too much...

Actually i wanted to learn drums. But i need to spend more time for guitars. And if i learn drum as well, then every month my hands will be shivering to pay the fees... So, maybe next time la...

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