106# Implying Explicity

106# Implying Explicity

I read Chinese newspaper... so i'm not sure whether this news is already in the english paper or not. What ever it is, it is concerning about blogspot.

Actually blog is a place for us to record and publish our thoughts. It is something private, supposedly. But the whole world is reading it. Therefore what ever we write in our blog, we should mind our words.

There was this young man, 17, got caught yesterday. His entry titled "The second holocaust" critiques about one of the races in Msia. It is a sensitive issue, he sounded out his insatisfactory against them and how he hates them. Furthermore he emphasized that he is an extreme racist...

Since april when his blog is created, he damned for 4 times within 3 days. Then a few times again he did for the coming months. Now he is condemned. Once convicted, 3 years of nasi lemak. Repeat, 5 years of nasi lemak.

Well, i believe that he is not the only one who having the same thought. But look, boy, this is a public blog. The word is keeping an eye for every single words that published. So in the other words, we can't let things to be too explicit.

I was told, then only i knew. There's actually a specific IP address in each of every computers. And each of every entry that we publish, experts able to trace back us using that IP address. Therefore, to type something really personal or sensitive using own computer, own line is really dangerous.

If someone is so desperated, wanted to do such a thing, it is recommended to type those things using public computers, like in cyber cafe. And only read it using public computers as well to prevent from tracing back. Somehow, it is the best that not to type these kind of things in the blogs... you know...

They are authoritative. Once they noticed that someone talk shit about them, without saying a word the person will be caught. They have some kind of special organisation that have the authority to catch anyone who are suspected to spread something against them.

Very self-protective isn't it?

Thus, better keep things implicit. As long as we ourselves understand, the message can still be sent.

Just don't give too much of shits about it la. Once we are born over here, we must endure everything.

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